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Recap / Degrassi S 4 E 7 Time Stands Still

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I'm not looking back
But I want to look around me now
See more of the people and the places that surround me now
Time stands still

A Plot

The episode opens with Rick, who is still being bullied mercilessly by the entire school, is tossed into a dumpster by Spinner and Jimmy. Infuriated, Rick tags Spinner's car with a black X. To make Rick's life even worse, Jimmy is placed along Rick, Toby, and Emma in the school's quiz team for the Whack Your Brain TV show. Rick goes to Principal Raditch, but to no luck as he dismisses Rick's bulling claims. As Toby gets bullied by Jay and Spinner and Rick finally explains how his school year has been hell, Jimmy softens towards him and defends him against Spinner (who's pissed about his car), Jay and Alex. Rick is excited for the quiz show and his new found friend and Emma's love (at least, in his mind). Several quiz show montages later, Rick is preparing for the lighting round, news that pleases Spinner, Jay, and Alex. After some hard quizzing, Rick wins the lighting round...and is immediately covered in paint and feathers thanks to Jay, Spinner and Alex's prank. The entire crowd erupts in laughter. Mortified and embarrassed, Rick leaves the stage. Emma comes to comfort him, and Rick awkwardly kisses her. Emma is grossed out, and Rick is confused: he thought she loved him. Emma tells him she only pitied him. Completely broken down and hurt, Rick goes home and retrieves his father's pistol...

B Plot

Joey is prepared to sell his house, and preparing an open house with a realtor. And Craig is sick, and staying home from school. He also calls Sydney, Joey's ex in order to sell his house...and Joey is not pleased. However, he and Sydney talk it out and settle their differences in order to get the house sold. And to top it off, Caitlin comes back from her assignment from Africa.


  • This is Next Generation's first Wham Episode, and it completely changes the course of the series for at least four characters. Jimmy is paralyzed from the waist down, Emma pretty much starts her slide into what she is today, Sean is distraught with accidentally killing Rick that he disappears for a season, and Spinner loses all his friends and completely hits rock bottom.

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