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Recap / Degrassi S 4 E 13 Bark At The Moon

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They cursed and buried him
Along with shame
And thought his timeless soul had gone
In empty burning hell unholy one
But he's returned to prove them wrong

A Plot

Spinner and Manny have been hanging out a lot lately, and Spinner wants to make them official — but he gets some resistance from Manny. Manny is stuck between still feeling upset over Craig and New Transfer Student Chester Nozuka. She, along with Marco are assigned with coming up with school spirit ideas by new principal Ms. Hatzilakos. Chester comes up with a couples dance based on electronic matchmaking, just so as long he gets to go with Manny. He and Manny are bonding and Spinner is miffed at Manny shutting him out. Manny is reticent in gaining Spinner at a boyfriend and freezes him out. She flirts with Chester at the dance but Spinner shows up and says he wants her as a girlfriend but Manny is hesitant to start a relationship with him. She flirts with Chester more and more and "dances". She finally realizes that she does want Spinner as a boyfriend and is running away from rejection, and makes Spinner promise to never break her heart.

B Plot

Mr. Oleander is still sending mixed signals towards Paige. He reveals to Paige that he recently broke up with his his acting somewhat interested in Paige. At the dance, he and Paige argue about his feelings...and he kisses her. He runs away, Paige catches up with him and they kiss again, and they decide to keep their budding relationship a secret.

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