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Recap / Degrassi S 2 E 6 Drive

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A Plot

Jeremiah Motors. It's a busy day on the lot and Joey is busy selling cars. Craig is helping and doing pretty well. Joey is proud of Craig and he's so proud that he lets Craig drive a car on the lot to get clean. The two of them are bonding pretty well, and Joey trusts Craig completely. He's going out of town for the weekend. and leaves Craig in charge of the house. Craig is totally jazzed at being on his own.

Degrassi. Jimmy, Spinner and Marco are bummed at the Kid Elrick concert being sold out. But then Craig comes up and tells him he has the whole house to himself for the weekend. He inviting all three of them over — and Sean. Oops. Jimmy takes a pass on the invite. But Jimmy or no Jimmy, the boys are going to have a awesome time. After school, Craig and his friends make their way to Joey's house and Joey's not happy — but he's okay joking. He's even brought the boys chips and drinks! He heads off on his weekend retreat.


The weekend isn't going off as awesome as planned. The boys lay around bored eating and playing cards. Craig is upset they're wasting the weekend. Spinner has an idea to liven up the "party"- a spray cheese race! The other boys aren't really impressed. Marco has another idea - prank calling. He hands the phone to Sean after he dials. Sean rolls his eyes and says he's the power company...and Emma is on the other side, sighing. Sean hangs up and glares at Marco and they playfight. Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend isn't really filled with them much fun. Outside, Craig tells the boys he loves them, to which Sean makes a gay joke and Marco tells him to shut up. Craig tells them his dad would never let him do stuff like this and that with Joey he gets total freedom. Joey even lets him drive. This revelation gets the boys excited. They want Craig to give them a test drive, and they make a date for the next day.


The next morning, the boys are prepared to go driving but suddenly Craig isn't so sure about taking the car out. The boys pressure him some more until he obliges. They sneak into Jeremiah Motors and Craig steals the keys from the office. Marco isn't sure about this, but the plan is just to drive around the block a few times. They jump into a car, and off they start their driving adventure. But Craig is driving very slowly and cautiously. As they drive, the radio blares that the station is giving away Kid Elrick tickets in the park at the station's party van. But that conflicts with the "around the block" plan. Marco is against it, but Sean and Spinner are for it. Craig's the deciding vote...and he speeds up to the park.

At the park, Craig and the boys drive up the contest booth and Craig answers the trivia question. And Craig is correct! The boys have won 4 free tickets to Kid Elrick's concert! The kids are completely static and Spinner even lets out a excitement fart. The excitement chills a bit when they're stuck at a red light when a cop pulls up. But then the cop speeds off on a urgent call. Craig and the boys cannot believe their luck. They pull into Jeremiah Motors excited and giddy — and then Joey steps out the office and he is pissed. He yells at them saying that they tripped the silent alarm, alerting him. He yells at Marco, Spinner, and Sean to go, leaving a very scared Craig behind.


Joey's house. Joey angrily tells Craig to sit and Craig tells him that he isn't his dad. Joey tells him to sit again, which Craig does, reluctantly. Joey tells him what he did wasn't just stupid, it was dangerous — he could've killed someone. Joey tells him that he trusted him. Craig admits that it was stupid and he's really sorry. Joey isn't hearing it and tells him he's grounded for three weeks. Craig is incredulous. Joey also takes the Kid Elrick out of Craig's pocket and rips them up. Craig is shocked, and asks just what is he supposed to say to the others? Joey remarks that he should've thought of the consequences of his actions before leaving him in the living room, dumbfounded.

B Plot

Ashley is enjoying being friends with Ellie. As they hang out at school and chat, Ellie casually mentions she's getting her ear cartilage pierced. Ashley spies that Ellie also has her belly button pierced. Ashley says that she always wanted hers pierced and Ellie says she should come with her to the body piercing parlor to check it out.

At the parlor, Ashley is a little intimidated by the shop, and even more freaked when she sees Ellie getting her ear pierced. The piercer asks her if she's still cool to get her belly button pierced and Ashley nervously says yes. He hands her a permission slip for her to get her mom to sign. Ashley is certain that her mom won't sign it. But when Ashley shows her the slip, her mother is surprisingly cool with it. Just so long as she cleans it.

The next day, the day of the piercing. Ashley is having second thoughts about the piercing, especially the pain. At the parlor, she lies on the table in anxiety especially as she looks at the equipment the piercer is using. At the last moment, she freaks out and tells stops the procedure, saying she can't get pierced, no matter how cool it'll look. Outside, Ashley is embarrassed at the scene she made. She tells Ellie she's afraid of needles and thought a piercing would impress Ellie. Ellie tells Ashley that she is her friend, and she doesn't need to be impressed.


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