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Recap / Degrassi S 2 E 4 Karma Chameleon

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Didn't hear your wicked words everyday
And you used to be so sweet, I heard you say

A Plot

Photo day is coming soon. Poor Ashley is still on the outs with the popular crowd, save for her best friend Terri. Paige even disses her on the school steps. But Ashley is tired of taking this lying down. She wants her friends back. In the computer lab, Paige and Hazel are gushing over photo day and they get into it with Ellie when she refuses to switch seats with Hazel. Ashley approaches Paige and apologizes again, reminding her of their friendship. Paige absorbs the apology for a bit.


Later, in Ms. Hatzilakos science class (after Spinner and Jimmy get their Male Gaze in), Ashley apologizes to Jimmy about making out with Sean. Ashley mentions that she spent the entire summer in counseling. Jimmy softens and says that he really missed her. Ashley says that she missed him and her whole family did as well. Jimmy asks to come over...if Toby would want him too. Ashley smiles and says he would. During lunch, Paige thinks Ashley is just faking her apologies. Jimmy sticks up for Ashley and says that if he can forgive her, so can she. Paige says he thinks that just because he still likes her. Jimmy says he talked to Ashley earlier and it felt like old times. Hazel brings up the fact that Paige may be threatened by Ashley taking her Alpha Bitch spot. Paige sighs says that they may be right, but if they aren't, Ashley better watch out.


Ashley's campaign to Must Make Amends continues. In the caf, Ashley talks to Sean and makes friends. Craig asks Sean what's up and Sean mentions that they hooked up last year...and she's ignored him ever since. Craig mention it doesn't look like she's ignoring him now. In Ms. Kwan's class, Ashley comes in and Paige saves a spot for her. They make fun of Ms. Kwan, and it looks like they're friends again.

After school, Terri and Ashley are hanging out at her house while Ashley tries to find an outfit for photo day. She is totally jazzed that her life is back on track. Just then, the phone's Sean. Sean asks her if she can catch a movie with him and Ashley obliges. Ashley is ecstatic Sean asked her out, but Terri brings up Jimmy. Ashley mentions she's not with Jimmy anymore, and she's not dating anyone. Terri wants Ashley to calm down a bit, and Ashley says when a guy likes her, she'll understand. Terri's face falls and Ashley quickly apologizes.


Photo day. Ashley is dressed in a tight tank-top and she and Paige exchange pleasantries before Ashley heads to class. Terri rolls her eyes and Paige catches it and asks what's up. Terri brings up Ashley's plans with Sean and insult last night and Paige is stunned. How could she do that, all the while leading Jimmy on? Ashley's playing all of them again. Terri insists she's not, and Paige will make damn sure of that. In science class, Paige tells Jimmy that Ashley is going on a date with Sean. Jimmy approaches Sean in the hallway and tells him to stay away from Ashley. He and Ashley are back together. Sean says he'll just have to ask her about that on their date. He and Jimmy almost fight before Craig comes and breaks it up.

In media immerison, Ashley says hi to Jimmy and Jimmy says "Don't talk to me you slut.". Ashley is shocked and the whole class is stunned. Ashley angrily asks just what did he say. Jimmy says it's the word for girls who cheat on their boyfriends. Ashley says that Jimmy isn't her boyfriend, but Jimmy said she was last year when she cheated on him and she's doing it again. He walks off, leaving Ashley flabbergasted. In the caf, Ashley is now decked out in a Degrassi sweatshirt after Jimmy's insult. She approaches her usual lunch table with the popular Girl Posse, and Paige shoves her backpack in her seat. Paige tells her there's no room for her at the table. Ashley walks away, and Terri comes up and asks her just what was that all about. Paige tells her that it's simple: Will Terri spend her high school years being popular or a loser like Ashley?

In the hallway, Sean comes up to Ashley and asks about their date. Ashley wants to postpone, and Sean takes it as Ashley not wanted to go out with him because of Jimmy. Ashley says that it doesn't have anything to with him. Sean spies the Girl Posse in background and asks if it's about them. Ashley is silent and Sean rolls his eyes and walks away. Ashley slumps down, and finds herself sitting next to Ellie, who's admiring the whole scene comically.

When the time for photos arrive, Ashley is standing in line and Paige and the Girl Posse are Stage Whispering about Ashley loudly. Ashley is downcast but perks up when she sees Terri. She calls her over, but Paige and the Girl Posse are also right there. Terri looks at Ashley...and joins the Girl Posse. It's Ashley's turn for her photo and she's too distraught to even smile and [Single Tear cries]] while her photo is taken.

B Plot

Toby is walking down the hallway bugging JT about anime. JT is rolling his eyes all through the conversation, and Toby keeps talking about how great it is. Emma chimes in and says it's current – but she only knows of it and says girls aren't into it. JT points out Toby will never get a girl to like him due to his nerdiness. In Media Immersion, Toby asks Snake for an anime CD-ROM but Snake says he lent it to someone else – a cute Asian girl named Kendra Mason. Kendra says she'll hand of the CD to Toby at lunch tomorrow. Toby babbles for a bit before making the date...and awkwardly bumping into the doorframe.

The next day, Toby's in the boys bathroom washing his hands. Spinner walks in and pees at the urinal. He makes bathroom conversation with Toby about Kendra Mason, and how Kendra Mason won't stop talking about him. Toby is elated, and then Spinner drops the bomb: her last name is Mason...and so is his last name. Toby is stunned. But...isn't she... Spinner mentions that Kendra is his adopted sister. And a Grade 7. And if Toby goes near her, he's dead meat.

Toby is lamenting to JT about the Kendra situation and then he and Kendra bump into each other. Kendra asks if Toby saw an anime last night. Toby grins like a moron and says yes. Kendra invites Toby to lunch and Toby obliges...until JT spies Spinner staring hard at them. JT motions to Toby that they should leave and the two of them bolt leaving Kendra dumbfounded in the hallway.

School picture time. Toby is still smitten with Kendra, but he can't be with her. Emma comes and makes clucking noises. Toby tells her to shut up, and Emma tells him she's trying to help. He likes her, she likes him. But Toby mentions the Knight Templar Big Brother in-between them. Toby sighs and turns away from Kendra, still trying to get Toby's attention. Later in the hallway, Kendra hands of the CD-ROM and confronts him about skipping lunch and the gym incident. Toby stumbles, but Kendra keeps pressing. Toby then spies Spinner looking on in the background and admits that he's afraid to date her because of her brother. Kendra sighs and calls him a coward.

Later, Kendra and Spinner both talking in the hallway. Toby seems the both of them, and takes a deep breath. He walks up to the both of them and asks to speak to Kendra. Spinner tells him to step off, but Toby stands his ground, albeit shaky ground. Spinner mentions he could easily beat him up and Toby is willing to take the risk. Kendra smiles. Spinner gives a warning about Toby breaking Kendra's heart before stalking off. Kendra is so proud and asks Toby out to ice cream.


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