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Recap / Degrassi S 2 E 1 When Doves Cry

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How can you just leave me standing?
Alone in a world that's so cold? (So cold)
Maybe I'm just too demanding
Maybe I'm just like my father too bold


Angie Jeremiah is playing in the park with her father Joey and Emma. She's smiling, laughing and having a great time. She's also being Craig Manning. He's snapping photos of her all the while she plays. Joey notices Craig out of the corner of his eye, and Craig then bolts away. Craig returns home to his father, late for dinner. Craig's father asks why he was late and Craig explains he lost track of the time. Craig's dad is not pleased and shoves the plate off the table, violently. He tells him when he means 6 'o clock, he means it.

The next day, the new school year has started and Craig has started attending Degrassi. In school, he bumps into Sean and they exchange words before Sean calms down and decides that Craig is cool. He shows him the around the school and Craig makes a lot of friends, and introduces himself to plenty of girls...


After school, Craig visits Angie's preschool and takes photos. Angie notices him and runs up to say hi, she just couldn't wait for him to return from camp! Craig and Angie play cute with the camera, and Angie mentions that she and Joey are going to visit her mom and asks if he can come. Craig says he can't, and tells Angie she can't tell Joey about their meetings. At the cemetery, Angie and Joey visit Julia Jeremiah's grave and bring flowers. Angie mentions that Craig told her that she's in heaven. Oops. Joey asks her if she's seen Craig to with Angie looks down in says no. Joey tells her to tell the truth and Angie admits she's talked to Craig. Just then Joey hears a camera snap and sees Craig behind a tombstone snapping away. Joey calls Craig's name but Craig flees from the cemetery.

At home, Craig develops the photos in his darkroom and even has a picture of him superimposed on a picture with Joey and Angie with the footer The Perfect Family. Craig's dad calls him down for dinner, and Craig puts up the Angie photos. At the dinner table, his dad is in a great mood and fixed Craig his favorites. Craig mentions how great Mom made dinner and Craig's dad stops for a brief moment. He continues cutting the meat and mentions he got a message...from Joey Jeremiah. Craig gets an Oh, Crap! look on his face and lies his way out of it not knowing why Joey would call. Mr. Manning offhandedly mentions why would Craig know why Joey would call? Why would Craig's mom leave him, a successful surgeon for a used car salesman? Craig continues his Suspiciously Specific Denial and promises his dad he won't leave him.


The next day at school, Craig runs into Manny and Emma and re-introduces himself to Emma - their mothers made them dance at a wedding. Emma then realizes that Craig is Angle's half-brother and Manny just can't stop staring at him in lust. Emma mentions that she's babysitting Angie and her mom is throwing a party and invites him to come along. Craig accepts the invite and leaving Manny and Emma squeeing.

At Jeremiah Motors, Joey is selling cars and then Mr. Manning comes up. Joey mentions his message and it was about Craig and how is he doing. Mr. Manning tells him what Craig does is none of his business but Joey mentions that Craig is Angie's brother. And Angie misses him and he misses her and the two men need to work something out. Because Craig has been secretly seeing her. Mr. Manning is pissed and drives away. At the party Craig, Angela, Emma, and Manny and playing and having fun. Joey then comes up and Craig tries to hide his face. Joey asks to speak with him privately and says that it's probably not a good idea for him to see Angie. Craig lies and says his dad is cool with it. Joey reveals that Mr. Manning visited him at the dealership and he made it abundantly clear he doesn't want Craig to see Angie. Craig then takes his cue to leave.


Craig returns home and sees his dad at the kitchen table, silent. Craig makes tells him that he's going to his darkroom and leaves him sitting there. Craig goes to the darkroom and finds the entire room thrashed. Mr. Manning comes down hot, and holds up the My Perfect Family album. He asks if he's looking for something and begins to hit Craig with it. Craig shields himself and then Mr. Manning grabs him and says that he works his ass of for him and throws him to the ground. For all he does, Craig just lies and rudeness. He kicks him viciously several times and leaves Craig crying on the darkroom floor, with his camera broken.


The new school year has started. Due to budget cuts, the local high school was closed down and they're being moved to the Degrassi Community School. Toby is upset that the Grade 8s aren't ruling the school, and JT is taking the opportunity to get in touch with the older ladies. Liberty is worried about the school clubs, Jimmy still doesn't like Sean and Ashley is still on the outs with her friends after her ecstasy trip. Paige is upset about her hair.

Toby has developed a computer program to find JT's perfect older woman match. The computer picks Terri, but JT has his eyes on Paige Michalchuck. The next day, JT approches Paige and tries to charm her but Paige is disgusted he would talk to her. He gets dismissed, but JT is not daunted. After school, he asks her out on a date. She, Spinner, and Hazel laugh derisively and leave him. They talk about how delusional JT is and Hazel and Spinner make a bet: she has to go out with him and they'll get her 30 dollars. Paige accepts...with conditions.


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