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Recap / Degrassi S 1 E 1 Mother And Child Reunion

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In the premier episode of The Next Generation; we are re-introduced to Emma Nelson, a thirteen-year-old who has a passion for fighting for the environment. We first see Emma with her BFF, Manny Santos, reading an email from her internet pen pal. They gush over how he just seems to be 'reading into her soul' when her mom, now twenty-eight year-old Spike who has her ten year reunion at Degrassi coming up over the weekend. She ushers the girls out of the house to help bring items to the school for the reunion, meeting up with JT Yorke along the way. The three explore the school together, running into JT's old camp buddy, Toby Isaacs. Emma checks her email in the 'state of the art' computer lab, learning that her penpal, Jordan, is coming to Toronto on a school trip. Her friends warn her it's not a good idea to meet him — he could be a forty year old guy instead of the sixteen year old he claims to be.


Meanwhile, Joey Jeremiah is showing a car to fellow Degrassi Alum, Lucy Fernandez. We meet his daughter, Angela; and learn that he is widowed, his wife having died the year before. Joey and Lucy take a drive to Degrassi, dropping off some of Lucy's things for the reunion. Joey runs into old flame, Caitlin Ryan; who is now famous with her own TV Show, traveling the world to cover news stories. Snake now works at the school as a teacher, and is seemingly spear-heading the reunion plans.

Later, Emma arrives home to find her mother and Caitlin on her computer. She freaks out, fearing they've snooped through her email. Spike assures her they were just looking at the reunion website, again. When Emma realizes she's in the presence of the Caitlin Ryan, she geeks out. Later, at night, the old Degrassi alums all meet up at a bar and reminisce on old times. We meet Caitlin's jerky fiance, Keith.


Emma is awoken late in the night by Spike, Caitlin, and Lucy arriving from the bar; a bit tipsy and singing The Zit Remedy's one-and-only song. She comes downstairs and shares a moment with Caitlin who gives her some relationship advice. Returning to her room, Emma emails Jordan telling him she'll meet him at his hotel.


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