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Recap / Degrassi S 14 E 5 Theres Your Trouble

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Should have been different, but it wasn't different,
Was the...same old story, dear John and so long
Should have fit like a glove, should have fit like a ring
Like a diamond ring, a token of true love
Should have all worked out, but it didn't
She should be here now, but she isn't
Dixie Chicks, There's Your Trouble

Becky auditions for a new Degrassi band, but she's distracted by her family pressuring her to visit Luke in juvenile detention and forgive him. But Becky isn't in the forgiving mood. Meanwhile, Eli is still reeling from Clare's revelation and he's not sure if he can be with her with Drew in the picture. And Zoe's trying to motivate the Power Cheer squad, but her domineering ways aren't winning them over, as well as Frankie's weak devotion to Degrassi Nudes.


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