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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 4 Breakaway

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Out of the darkness and into the sun.
But I won't forget all the ones that I love.
I'll take a risk, take a chance,
Make a change, and break away

A Plot

Holly J is upset at losing the election. She wants to get any opportunity in order to get to Yale and to Declan. She talks with Ms. Savue about her options and she recommends a SAT prep course. But it's over 2000 (Canadian) dollars.

Mrs. Coyne is letting Fiona stay away from New York and Fiona wants to stay in Canada with Holly J. Mrs. Coyne decides to let her stay in Toronto, provided she get a therapist and get good grades. Meanwhile, Holly J's still upset with her debt and how her prospects are for Yale. Her mom reminds her that she still has a lot and how maybe it was a mistake to let her stay with the Coynes. Holly J tells her New York was the only place were she felt she belonged.


Fiona is so happy and has an apartment picked out and is picking out furniture online. Holly J looks over her and marvels at the prices of the furniture. While paying for her information, she says her bank password out loud. No secrets between friends. Holly J skypes with Declan about possibly going to another school and Declan tells her she's better than just any girl. After he hangs up, Holly J is still desperate to attend Yale and be with Declan. In a moment in weakness she logs into Fiona's bank account and transfers $2000 into her bank account to pay for the SAT course.

The next day, Holly J walks out of her SAT prep course and nearly runs into Fiona. Fiona is proud that Holly J is taking imitative and spending and Holly J feels guilty. At The Dot, Fiona is on her laptop and sees that they was an e-mail transfer to someone's account...Holly J confesses and admits she stole the money. She was hoping to pay the money back before Fiona found out. She tells Fiona she's completely broke. Fiona is upset with the betrayal and tells her if she had just asked, she would've given it to her.


The next day, Holly J apologizes again and reminds Fiona that the of them need each other and promises that'll never happen again. She'll also find away to pay Fiona back. Fiona has a perfect way to pay her back, for Holly J to spend 200 hours of her friendship time. She makes slumber party plans and transferring into Holly J's classes. Holly J is kinda ambivalent about it, and Fiona extends her pinky and they hook pinkies and walk to class together.


B Plot

Sav is reveling in his win and being back with Anya, but there's one little problem — Anya's not pregnant and everyone is expecting a baby. Sav decides they have to tell the truth. At the morning announcements, Sav prepares to tell the truth — and Anya tells the school she had a miscarriage. The school extends their condolences, and Sav is freaked but Anya reminds him that they could always pin it on Holly J. Sav and Anya so happy and in love and Anya thinks it's going to be different this time.

After school, they make out at Sav's house, and are caught by Mrs. Bhandari. Sav invents some lie about Anya borrowing notes but Anya point blank tells Sav's mother they were making out — and it won't happen again. The next day at school, Sav apologizes for lying but Anya rejects it and cannot deal with Sav keeping their relationship a lie. This time, she is the one to break it off with Sav.

C Plot

Clare has the eye surgery and is upset no one notices she isn't wearing her glasses. Jenna's rumor spreads to the other Grade 10s, and Dave, Conner, and Wesley decide to see if she did get the breast surgery. They send Wesley to awkwardly find out the truth. He, while talking to Clare (who thinks Wesley is talking about her eyes) asks to touch them. He touches her breasts and Clare is shocked and realizes what's going on and who started the rumor. The next day, she plots to show off her "enhancements" to Jenna and pretends to flaunt the them around. Jenna rolls her eyes and think Clare is planning to get KC back. But then Clare pulls the socks out her bra and tells her that she had laser eye surgery instead of her breasts. She then tells Jenna that if she wanted KC back, she could get him without the big breasts.

However, only a few people have noticed Clare not wearing her glasses. Outside, she decides to go back to the old her, but she drops her glasses in the street which are run over by a kid driving a black hearse. Eli climbs out the car, apologizes for running them overand compliments Clare's eyes.


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