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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 41 Chasing Pavements

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Should I give up
Or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place should I leave it there?

A Plot

Fiona stands before a group. She just completed her 28 day rehab, and she says out loud that she is an alcoholic. She says the alcohol helps her with her underlying problems. She said that she drinks, mainly to deal with her relationship issues and with her previous boyfriend, who abused her. She says she's an addict and pledges to work at it everyday. Holly J and Mrs. Coyne are with he, congratulating her and Fiona promises that Holly J doesn't have to help her anymore. And he's ready to face off with Bobby in court. But her mother wants to talk about that...At Fiona's apartment, Fiona's mom lays out the news: Bobby wants to settle out of court for dropping the charges. Fiona basically says screw that, but her mom is worried mainly because last time this was brought up, it triggered her drinking. Fiona says that she's better, she has coping techniques. Her mom still thinks it will be overwhelming.

At school, Fiona is looking on Facerange at videos of Bobby and his new girlfriend Tinsley. Holly J comes by and asks what's up and Fiona said she's preparing herself for the trial. She says her mom thinks she isn't strong enough for the trial. Holly J encourages her and says all she needs to do is tell the truth. Just then, Adam walks by and awkwardly walks away. Holly J asks if she's talked with him at all and Fiona says no, and she hopes he doesn't think her drinking was because he's transgender. Fiona says that it can't be easy being different and wants Holly J to help convince her mom to go to trial.


Back at the apartment, her mom is still stressing about the trial. Fiona reassures her she'll be okay, but it'll just be the two of them. Fiona asks for Holly J to come for moral support. Holly J says that she has dialysis every other day and she could ask her mom. Fiona is ecstatic and says with her mother and girlfriend by her side, she can do anything, even win.

Fiona and hew lawyer meet in the court meeting room and exchange welcomes. Then Bobby walks in the room and Fiona stares him down. The judge walks in and the trial starts with Fiona's testimony. Fiona is recounting her experience under cross examination. The defense laywer brings up her alcohol addiction and says she's an addict. Fiona agrees, but then says her alcoholism stemmed from how Bobby treated her. She adds that no girl deserves to be abused. The defense lawyer brings up Fiona's bruised eye, and that no one saw her with a bruise after the day she alleges Bobby hit her. Fiona admits she used makeup to hide it. The lawyer then asks if she embellished the bruise to which Fiona reluctantly says yes. The defense lawyer says if she lied about the bruise, she could be lying about Bobby hitting her. The defense lawyer also asks if Fiona ever had a successful relationship. Fiona's layer objects and it's sustained, but the lawyer's damage is done.


Bobby's gives his testimony next. He describes Fiona as a "fragile flower" and that he wanted to protect her. But he should be more careful — she was so confused and he wanted to help but got dragged in. He doesn't wish Fiona ill, but he wants to clear his name. Court is adjourned for lunch, and Fiona thinks that not settling was a bad idea. At lunch, Holly J reassures that Fiona did a great job but Fiona isn't sure. Holly J excuses herself, and Mrs. Coyne has to meet with the lawyers. Leaving Fiona alone and around temptation. She uses her description technique to cope with it. Holly J comes back and Fiona is still worried about the outcome of the trial. Holly J tells her that she's winning just be facing off with Bobby. Fiona smiles and promises to bring Holly J to New York sometime, just two of them.


Tinsely's testimony is next. The defense lawyer questions her and she says Fiona is a loner, and says Bobby and her are involved. She says it's dramatic dating Bobby. The lawyer asks if Bobby seemed violent and Tinsely noticeably clams up. She finally says no. Fiona's lawyer pounces on her hesitation and asks if Bobby hit her. Tinsely says that when they were at a party, she was talking to some guy and Bobby got jealous and slapped her. The defense lawyer objects, saying that wasn't in her deposition and Tinsely says it only happened once. Fiona's lawyer then rests.

The verdict is next. Fiona is nervous as hell. The judge finds in favor of Fiona in the amount of 250,000 dollars. She then recommends Bobby see anger management. Fiona is happily surprised, Bobby not so much. Tinsley, walks out the courtroom and sends a secret smile to Fiona, to which she returns. Fiona hugs her very proud mother, and Holly J comes up for her hug. They hug, kiss each other cheeks and then Fiona plants a Smooch of Victory on Holly J. Holly J is surprised but Fiona is oblivious to her shock and she tells her she loves her and says her victory is because of her.

B Plot

Anya is so excited to start the CPR unit of gym. She's training to be a lifeguard and needs the training. Coach Armstrong splits the class into groups of four...and Anya ends up with Owen. Anya asks Chantay to desperately switch with her to which Chantay says no. Why should she go with a gross guy? She tells Anya to suck it up. The classes start their thrusting exercises and Anya's up first. She starts her compressions and Owen takes the chance to "help" her being straighten her arms. Anya uncomfortably says she doesn't need his help and then Owen brushes her hair and touches her shoulder says he's available if she wants help...Anya ignores him and breathes into the dummy and Owen remarks he'd do anything to be that dummy. Chantay gives him a look and Anya looks grossed out.

The next day, Anya is still shaking off the grossness. She talks about how Owen was all over her and Chantay says she didn't seem to mind since she didn't say anything. Anya says didn't want to complain in front of everyone. Anya decides to talk to Coach Armstrong about putting Owen in another group. Later, Owen is waiting for Anya and he wants to have a word with her. He says he was kicked out of CPR, thanks to her. Anya isn't very sympathetic to his plight. Owen says that he didn't know what he wrong and Anya runs down how he treated Riley and Zane and and it's not out of the realm of possibility he would grope a girl. Owen says she's overreacted and didn't say anything, so how was he supposed to know? And now, he can't be a lifeguard his summer. Anya looks a bit remorseful about telling Coach Armstrong.

Later, Anya finds Owen at her locker. She thinks he's stalking her but Owen wants to talk. Owen apologizes for CPR class. Anya accepts it, but turns away. Owen says that he wasn't trying to make her uncomfortable and that he likes her. Anya says she doesn't like him like that and probably never will. Owen notices the "probably" and Anya switches it to "definitely."They call a truce and shake hands and as Owen walks away, Anya realizes she may have judged him wrong.

C Plot

Alli has been re-enrolled in Degrassi. She's grateful to Principal Simpson who's given her a second chance at the school Principal Simpson is greatful, mainly due do the upcoming standardized math test he knows she'll ace. The next day, Alli's happy to be back and hanging with Clare — until she sees Drew and Bianca sucking face. Alli's brushes them off until Bianca calls her "Boiler Room Bhandari." Ms. Oh then breaks up the potential skirmish and welcomes Alli back.

Later, Ms. Oh and Alli talk. Alli's upset because she has to see the two of them — her ex and the girl he cheated on her with — everywhere. Ms. Oh tells her to not let the two of them get to her and not let a guy ruin her year. Ms. Oh tells her to focus on the math test, to which Alli asks why? They don't get graded. Ms. Oh reveals the test grades teachers and principals. She tells Alli not to worry about that fact, which of course makes her worried. Alli talks with Clare about acing the test. Alli wants to study hard so Principal Simpson doesn't get fired. Clare asks just how can they stop that. Alli has a plan up her sleeve - to make sure the Grade 10s pass the test.

Later, Ms. Oh approaches Alli and Clare. She tells Alli to check her e-mail - then delete it. Turns out, Alli's plan includes helping the bottom rung of the Grade 10 class pass the test with study help and Ms. Oh gave her the list. She looks through the list and sees the list includes a Grade 11 — Drew.


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