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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 38 Jesus Etc

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Tall buildings shake
Voices escape singing sad sad songs
Tuned to chords strung down your cheeks
Bitter melodies turning your orbit around

A Plot

At school, Clare approaches Eli in writing class, and Eli is reading her edit on his story. Clare apologizes for scaring Eli last night by talking to Fitz. Eli tells it's okay, and goes back to reading her edit. Clare starts to stress about how she edited it, but Eli is impressed by skills and how much the story improved. Clare hugs Eli and tells him that nothing will come between them and Eli promises her to never fight again. Clare later checks her e-mail, and sees that Fitz has e-mailed her multiple times about sermons, God, and how worried he is about Eli. Clare is freaked out tremendously.

After school, she goes straight to The Dot and confronts Fitz. Fitz tells her that he's concerned about Eli and Clare pointedly tells him she doesn't need his concern. She's worried that she's stalking him and Fitz reveals that he was in an Internet cafe until the wee hours in the morning. He was bored and he couldn't sleep at home. Clare asks him why and Fitz what does she care? Clare probes but Fitz tells her that she said it herself: they aren't friends. He gets back to work and Clare leaves.


Later at Clare's house, Clare's talking to Eli about the huge storm outside and she hears the doorbell ring. She opens the door and Fitz is standing outside, soaking wet and bruises on his face. He says he has nowhere else to go. Clare brings him inside and Fitz tells her he fell off his bike. Clare doesn't buy it. Fitz asks to say for a bit and Clare resistances but reluctantly agrees. She offers to put his wet hoodie in the dryer and as Fitz is removing it, she sees his bruises on his chest. Fitz dodges the question about how he got it and asks to watch TV. Clare gives Fitz a long look before heading to the laundry room. The rain stops, and Clare turns off the tv and demands the truth about his bruises. Fitz explains that his step-brother gave them to him. His step-brother was/is abusive towards him and his parents apparently do not care. Clare runs off to fetch his hoodie and Fitz thanks her and asks what Eli has done to end up with someone as amazing as Clare. Clare tells him he needs to go straight home after it's day.


She sees Fitz to the door and Fitz thanks her for her generosity. He tells her that in juvie, that Clare was all he could think about. Clare rolls her eyes and thinks this is all an act, to which Fitz denies. He says to Clare he has feelings for her and Clare shuts him down, telling him she's with Eli and Eli loves her. Fitz says Eli loves no one and that he's seriously messed up. He knows he came at Eli with a knife, but he admits it and he changed and that Eli will never. He says that he and Clare have a spiritual connection. Clare is creeped extremely, and just then Eli comes knocking at the door. Clare runs off and tries to drag Fitz away but just then Eli comes in gushing about her edit and he sees Fitz standing with Clare.

Eli is speechless and Clare explains the situation. Eli dismisses them as more lies and Clare says he couldn't just leave him there in rain, anyone with a heart would do the same. Fitz interjects wanting to talk and Eli wants nothing to do with him and he storms out. Fitz yells after him that he and Clare have a connection. Clare hands Fitz a phone and tells him to tell the chaplain to pick him up with she cleans up the mess he made. The chaplain picks Fitz up, and Clare approaches Eli who's in his hearse with his head down. Clare apologizes for calling him heartless and Eli says he deserves it. He's crying heavily and says he feels Clare slipping away and he wants her to promise him to never go away. Clare says yes, and she cradles Eli in her arms.


The next day at school, Eli comes up to Clare with his final edit of his story. He reveals he changed the ending yet again, after he and Clare talked. He has the The Hero, who's been trying protect The Chick from the Big Bad frustrated that he could never protect her. And he realizes what he has to do: kill The Chick and drink her blood and together they'll be one. Clare's response to the ending is..."oh." Eli thinks it's brilliant and says that Clare was in the inspiration. Clare's a little shocked, and Eli says that he owes her a driving lesson. He's more in love with her than ever, but Clare is now filled with doubts and fears.

B Plot

It's morning and Sav is downstairs. His parents come in and ask where Alli is and Sav tells her she's probably still in bed. Mrs. Bhandhari goes up to fetch Alli, and Sav tells his father about the fight they had last night about Drew. Mrs. Bhandari, instantly worried, comes down and finds that Alli is gone. Sav tells his parents she's probably being a drama queen and she'll come popping in at any moment. Mr. Bhandari says when she does come in, she'll be in even more trouble.

Holly J and Sav are walking down the hallways at school and Holly J is taking about spring break, but Sav can't focus. He tells her that Alli is missing, and it's probably just a ploy to cause more drama. Just then, Principal Snake comes up to him and tells him his mother called and told him to come home, and it's urgent. At home, Sav's mom is frantic and says that she's called all her friends and no one has seen her. She's also looked in her room and saw that Alli took a bag and some clothes. She's already called the police. Sav tells her not to worry and that Alli is just trying to cause more drama. Mrs. Bhandari comes to him with her laptop and says that she needs his computer expertise to look in her e-mails to see where she is. Sav reluctantly agrees. He cracks her password and sees a journal entry about her fight with him. She goes on how her parents cannot look at her and how she causes them pain and how much better off her family will be when she's gone. The reality of situation hits Sav — Alli has run away from home.

Later, Sav and his father are driving down the streets of Toronto in the rain looking for any sign of Alli. Mr. Bhandari promises to punish Alli severely when they find her and Sav asks just why? He doesn't want to reward her for this and Sav asks if they ever listened to her. He then recounts the journal entry about how Alli can't look her parents in the eye. He then goes on about how she ran away because she can't deal with what he and his mom are doing to her. Mr. Bhandari tells Sav to quiet down and they search some more. The rain stops, and they're no closer to finding Alli. Mr. Bhandari then breaks down. Sav is shocked, and Mr. Bhandari tells him that he and Mrs. Bhandari love them both but it's not easy to raise kids. He hopes one day, Sav will know that on his own.

At the Bhandari household, everyone is still worried. A police officer rings the doorbell and has something to show them. It's surveillance video from a tea shop — it shows Alli willfully getting into a car with someone. The police officer says not to jump to conclusions, but she's seen that exact scenario plenty of times. If the Bhandaris were worried before, they are truly scared now.

C Plot

Jenna and KC are at the park, ready to babysit their pre-natal class teacher's son, Caleb. The teacher gives them a laundry list of things to avoid and tells them to have fun. But it doesn't seem like she lets her son have fun most of the time. She leaves them alone and Jenna has a song written just for him. She's singing for him and Caleb is staring at her stone-faced and asks to go to the zoo. KC says that they can't take him and then he kicks KC in the shin. Caleb then starts to throw a tantrum. Jenna and KC try to calm him down, to no avail. KC suggests shutting him up with a hot dog and Caleb instantly stops and is very interested in eating a hot dog. Jenna tells them the teacher would be angry but KC is already off to the hot dog cart.

Caleb has quieted down and enjoying his hot dog when his teacher comes up. KC and Jenna make him promise to not to tell, but Caleb blurts it out anyway. The teacher is mad, and goes off to cleanse her son from the "poison." As she leaves, KC and Jenna laugh and realize they can't be as high-strung as she is and they gain more confidence in their parenting abilities.


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