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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 30 Umbrella

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When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella

A Plot

At Degrassi, Eli is waiting for Clare at her locker. Clare comes up and is still mad at Eli's rejection. Eli tries to explain, but Clare sees through him and asks him just why can't she be with him in his house. She figures that it may be about Julia which Eli dismisses. Clare becomes angrier and demands Eli give her the watch back. Eli says no, she gave it to him, it's his. He walks away leaving Clare angry. Clare comes up to Adam, still burning about the rejection. She wants to go to his room and retrieve her dad's watch with Adam's help. Adam reveals that all the time he's visited Eli, he's never seen Eli's room — it even has a lock on it.

During lunch break, Clare goes to Eli's house and is joined by Adam (who needed to get away from Fiona/Drew in the B plot). Bullfrog comes to the door and Clare explains that they need to get Eli's homework out of his room. Bullfrog explains no one is allowed in Eli's room and Clare fibs about knowing the combination. At his room, Clare and Adam try to get in but Adam has second thoughts about invading Eli's privacy. Clare is still determined to her watch and Adam tells to try combination 22-04-09 — the date Julia died. The combo works. Adam and Clare step in and see Eli's room — covered from wall to wall with junk and clutter. Clare is stunned.


At school, Clare meets Eli at his locker. She tells him she knows why Eli wouldn't let her in his room - he's messy. And Clare's good with cleaning. So cleaned out his locker and organized it. Eli takes on look at his locker and is speechless. Clare think he's impressed but then Eli starts freaking out and hyperventilating. He thinks someone is getting hurt with all the junk out of his locker. He runs to the trash can picking out his junk Clare threw away and yells at her to go away. Clare tries to comfort him, but he brushes her off. Clare walks away.

At home, Clare is still packing for her move and her parents have an announcement for her. They're going to keep the house. They'll share the condo Clare's dad picked out and switch "shifts" staying with her on the house. They know the divorce hasn't been easy and they want to make it easier. Clare is almost in tears and is happy something is finally working for her and she gives them a smile.


Meanwhile, Eli is sitting in his hearse, stewing. His mom comes in all smiles and asking him to invite Clare to dinner. Eli says no, it's over between them since she knows the real him. Eli's mom says that he was so happy with her and that she came over during lunch. Eli says that it sucks living as him. Eli's mom admits that while she and his dad tried to help him with Julia, and let him get a little lost. She reminds him the stuff in Julia's room is her and that Julia is in his heart.

Eli goes to Clare's house afterwards. He walks straight in, sits down and pours his heart out. He explains his hoarding — that everytime he feels like throwing out something, he feels like he's going to die or someone else will. He wants to change. Clare listens and says she'll be there for him. Eli tells her that he doesn't want Clare to give up on him. Clare tells him that she's stuck with him, and he's stuck with her through thick and thin. They embrace on the couch and head for Eli's house. Clare helps Eli sort through his junk and throw some of it away. She says if something means something, than keep it. Eli takes her words to heart and returns her watch. Clare tells him to keep it — she needs to let go of some stuff too. Eli smiles and tells her she can come over when she's ready and stay in his room. They kiss and then cuddle.


B Plot

The food drive is winding down and everyone is working hard. But the only thing Adam can focus on is that Fiona is now being really friendly with Drew. He sees them talking it out and can't stand the sight. The next day after school during the food drive, Drew can't stop talking about Fiona and Adam can't stand to hear him speak. When Drew calls her "Fi", he loses it. Drew accuses Adam of being jealous. Adam tells him that Fiona doesn't want anything physical so maybe he should go out with her. Drew ask Adam why would Fiona go for a guy like him? Adam asks angrily, and Drew heatedly tells him that physically, he isn't a guy. Adam walks away steaming.

Adam catches up with Fiona outside. Fiona approaches him, very friendly and talks about Drew. Adam sarcastically give the couple his congrats, and Fiona asks why is he angry? Adam says that Fiona didn't have to flirt with him, despite him playing Cupid. He tells don't come running to him when Drew tries to jump her. Fiona is miffed and says that she's tired of being in the middle of a sibling feud and after the food drive, she doesn't want anything to do with them.

Later at The Dot, Fiona sitting down and Drew approaches her about Adam's Freak Out. Fiona asks what's up with him and Drew tells her that he's jealous and not like other guys. Fiona asks just how? Drew subtly dodges the question and tells her that Adam is really nice and sweet, so sweet to even set Drew up with Fiona. He also tells Fiona that Adam is the best brother in the world.

Adam's finishing up the food drive activities and Drew comes up and tells Adam Fiona does like him and he's stepping aside. Adam asks if Drew outed him to her to which he says no. Adam is very grateful and thanks Drew.

C Plot

Dave is still trying to appeal his Grade 11 "friends" but they still dismiss him as a narc. Dave wants to prove that he isn't, so the lead Grade 11 kid tells him to take something out of his dad's squad car. On his war to the car, Wesley shouts after Dave but Dave ignores him. Wesley accuses him that he didn't want to reveal who his real friends to his new "friends." Dave snidely tells him that he doesn't want to be part of the Three Tenners forever. Wesley leaves in frustration and Dave finds something cool to show his friends — his dad's taser.

Dave approaches his Grade 11 "friends" with the taster. The group is amazed and they want to test it out. Dave is apprehensive about testing it but just then the leader shouts for Wesley to come over. Wesley comes over and compares his "friends" to kings with Dave as the jester. Peer pressure wins out, and Dave shoots Wesley with the taser. Wesley groans in pain before falling over. The Grade 11 boys find this hysterical and congratulate Dave but Dave now feels low. He tries to help Wesley up but Wesley declines his help and staggers away.

Later, Dave goes to return the taser to the car and he seems Wesley walking and runs up to him. Dave apologizes but Wesley is still mad — and he wants revenge. Dave swallows hard and decides to get tased to prove he's sorry. He braces himself for the shock, but luckily for him Wesley isn't as mean he is. He gives him a purple nurple on both nipples. Dave and Wesley collapse in laughter and they're friends again and the roughhouse on the ground some more.


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