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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 2 What A Girl Wants

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There was a time I was blind, I was so confused
I'd run away just to hide it all from you
But baby you knew me better, oh
Than I knew myself
They say if you love something let it go
And if it comes back it's yours
And that's how you know

A Plot

Fiona is preparing her showcase of her new uniforms for Vanderbilt Prep. Bobby is apologetic about slapping her, and freaks out when he sees that he bruised her. He feels terrible...and asks if she told anyone. Fiona doesn't want to rock the boat, so she says didn't say anything. The Vanderbilt Prep headmaster is sitting watching Fiona's presentation of the new designs. She even shows off a re-designed school crest, to which the headmaster isn't impressed with. Fiona gets flustered but Bobby steps up and defends the design. Fiona smiles, maybe Bobby isn't a bad guy.

Fiona's family is very happy for her, especially now that she's dating Bobby and not bringing in the drama. Fiona tells them she's now drama-free. Fiona is happy...until she sees Bobby making out with Vanderbilt Prep bicycle, Tinsley. Fiona stays at home "sick", so Bobby goes to visit. Fiona confronts Bobby about Tinsley but Bobby convinces her that he wasn't cheating and Tinsley "jumped him" because they dated and she's not over him. He grabs her shoulders and tells her he would never cheat on her and that he loves her.


Fiona is ambivalent about dating Bobby but her family being so happy about them dating isn't helping. Mrs. Coyne wants to go to dinner with the Beckenridges, but Fiona shrugs it off. Mrs. Coyne reminds Fiona of her therapy: don't look for problems that aren't there. She then presents Fiona with a gift from Bobby — a snowglobe from Aspen. Mrs. Coyne recalls the memory of visiting Aspen with Bobby and Fiona recalls how drama-filled she was even as a child. Mrs. Coyne tells her that those days are over.

Later, Declan pleads for Fiona to come to dinner with the Beckenridges and Fiona says she's still sick. Declan calls her bluff and tells her she promised no more drama. He asks again, and Fiona says no. Declan leaves in a huff and Fiona throws Bobby's snowglobe against the fireplace, smashing it. Fiona skypes with Holly J about her concerns with Bobby. She asks why can't be like Holly J and Declan. Holly J asks why, she thought things with Bobby were going great. Fiona says they aren't and everyone thinks Bobby is so awesome and Holly J tells her if she's unhappy, end it. She tells Fiona that if she needs anything, she knows where she is.


The next day at Vanderbilt Prep, Fiona isn't taking to Bobby but Bobby is all charm and reassures her he's done with Tinsely. But then, Bobby gets a text from Tinsely during their conversation. Fiona yells at him and runs away. Bobby follows her yelling at her. He traps her and tells her she's embarrassing herself. Fiona threatens to expose Bobby, but Bobby laughs saying no one would believe her. She squirms away and runs away up the stairs and Bobby runs after her, grabs her arm and throws her down the stairs. Fiona is shockingly still breathing and tearfully tells Bobby that she wants to break up, but Bobby looks at her and says, "No, you don't."


B Plot

Holly J kicks her off plan to get Sav out the running. She asks Anya to pretend that she's pregnant when Sav asks her. Anya is shocked, but Holly J reminds her of what Sav did to her last year. Now this is her chance for revenge. Anya takes the offer, with some consideration.In art class, Sav approaches Anya about the "pregnancy," and Anya lies and plays dumb. Sav is concerned and nervous and Anya completely shuts him out. Sav promises to be there for her, but Anya is still angry and tells him to leave.

At home Sav breaks the news to his mom about dropping out the race. His mom is shocked and a little disappointed, and Sav says he has a lot on his plate. He's really scared and disappointed his teen life is over. In art class the next day, Sav transfers out of music to join Anya in art much to her surprise. He says that he's concerned for her and Anya stutters about the details of the pregnancy. She never expected Sav to take this so coolly. Sav tells her that he can't leave her alone. Anya is shocked one more, and her feelings return. She texts Holly J about the plan and how she can't do it anymore.

After school, Sav and Holly J are walking outside and Sav says he wants to make things right with Anya. Anya tells him she wants to make things work too and makes things different. Sav says that he doesn't want to run for president with much to deal with, and Anya encourages him to still run. Anya later talks with Holly J about Sav and her getting back together. She plans on getting Sav to fall in love with her, and then fake a miscarriage. Holly J is a little taken aback, but Anya says it's a win-win for the both of them. However, the next day at Degrassi Holly J discovers Sav is still in the race — and Anya campaigning with him.

C Plot

Dave is still miffed he messed up with Alli. He goes to apologize to only that Alli has taken her revenge and flyers of her list of Degrassi's biggest losers — with Dave on top. In the cafe, Dave is trying to campaign, but Wes and Connor's Piss-Take Rap intro doesn't go well. Not to mention the list has spread to the students and Fitz and Bianca ridicule him during his speech.

Alli whines about Dave's list to Clare and Clare helps her get some perspective on the situation. Clare tells her that she's the only one who cares. Dave comes up to the both off them, and Clare lets them have a moment alone. Dave and Alli talk it out and Dave tells her he meant for her to be on top and Alli forgives him. Dave says he thinks she's the hottest girl in the school, and Alli coyly gives him a kiss on the cheek. Dave has Alli's vote, and unfortunately for him, just her friendship.


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