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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 28 Love Lockdown

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I'm not loving you, the way I wanted to
What I had to do, had to run from you
I'm in love with you but the vibe is wrong
And that haunted me, all the way home

A Plot

Declan is relaxing after his post-sex with Holly J. Holly J has to leave that moment due to her curfew. Or not. Declan grabs Holly J's hand and kisses it. He's so happy that he is close to Holly J again. Holly J has to leave at that moment and they hug and Holly J seems content..until she's not facing Declan and she looks very overwhelemed and scared. Declan is of course oblivious to all of this, and is happy as a pig in crap.

The next morning Declan is making breakfast and Fiona pops in. Declan tells his twin sister that he hooked up with the best friend last night and Fiona is happy they're together again. She even lets Declan in on the fact that she faked her drunkeness (by not that much) in order to get Holly J to stay. Declan reveals more of his plan — to lose Sav and then re-enroll in Degrassi since he is already going to Yale. Also to keep an eye on Fiona.


At Degrassi, Declan takes to Fiona. He thinks Holly J is avoiding him. He talks to Sav and he hasn't talked to Holly J either. Sav gives him a look before walking off. Declan figures Holly J just needs some space to sort out what to do about Sav. In media immersion, Fiona tells Holly J that Declan is re-enrolling in the school to which Holly J looks...ambivalent. Fiona asks her what's up and Holly J tells her they had sex — and she didn't want things to go as far as they did. And that she felt pressured to do it. She walks off leaving Fiona speechless.

At Fiona's apartment, Declan is giddy and waiting on Fiona's word from Holly J. Fiona walks in very solemnly. She tells him that he should leave for New York. Declan is dumbfounded. He's changed, he's grown, he doesn't care about money, what's bothering Holly J? Fiona talks to him about last night and asks if he asked her about the sex. Declan is stunned. At Little Miss Steaks, Declan comes barging in looking for Holly J. Holly J sees him and angrily walks away telling him she can't talk right now. Declan demands her to tell him about that night and how she felt. Holly J tells him she said no, and Declan tells her that she kissed him and thought she had changed her mind. Holly J said that maybe she did but she's can't talk right now. She has customers.


At school the next day, Holly J is still blowing off Sav who's concerned. She goes to check the Yale undergrad list. And is stunned. She leaves the computer lab and Fiona is there waiting for her. She hands her a note that Declan wrote — that he's leaving and never bothering her again. Holly J wonders how Declan could leave without talking. She runs off to the condo and meets up with Declan just in time. She has news to tell him, it's not like he won't see her again — she's been accepted into Yale. They both talk about last night. Declan is still angry with himself and what he did. Holly J says that she doesn't think Declan raped her. She doesn't hate him, just what happened. Declan asks her just how can he make it up to her. Holly J tells him that the ball is in her court now: She has the decide how she feels for him. Declan asks if they're getting back together, and Holly J doesn't say anything. Just goodbye.


B Plot

At Degrassi, Eli and Clare are canoodling in writing class. Clare is eager to go out and get into more trouble, but Eli doesn't want to upset Clare's parents even further. Clare tells him that she hasn't even told them that she's dating him. To which is Eli is a bit taken back. Ms. Dawes then comes in and tells Eli that she'll have to send him to detention for ignoring the dress code. Which gives Clare the perfect idea — invite her rebel boyfriend to dinner.

At dinner, The Edwards and Eli are sitting down and talking. Clare's dad makes casual conversation with Eli, but Clare keeps interjecting playing up Eli's bad-boy side. She brings up that she skips class with him, his dad's a shock jock, wears all black, and he's an atheist. Clare looks pleased in pissing off her parents, Eli not so much. The next day Clare comes up to Eli in the hallways, dressed in Goth Emo Teen-like garb. Eli is still ticked at Clare's behavior and is even more ticked at her clothes. Clare finally breaks down and tells Eli that she's scared that her parents will tell her that they're divorcing. And by deflecting attention on her, she'll get them to see that they're screwing her up. But she gets no pity from Eli. He tells her that her parents are divorcing no matter what she does, and using him as a pawn just spreads the hurt to him. He leaves her in the hallway, steaming.

Clare comes home with her detention slip. Her parents are fighting, as usual. When they see her clothes, they launch into an even harsher argument. Clare yells at them to stop it. She asks why they're being so horrible to each other. Clare's dad says what's she has fearing — they're getting a divorce. They're tiring of fighting and don't want to hurt her anymore. Clare breaks down and her parents (united for once) embrace her.

C Plot

Chantay isn't stopping her crusade against Mr. Simpson. The only problem is that she's the only who cares — or maybe not. Her post-it from yesterday in the bathroom stall has been joined by others. She compares the bathroom wall to an analog Twitter and writes a post-it on the wall to get people who are upset about the clubs going away to meet at The Dot.

At The Dot, she's joined by many people upset with the club situation. Chantay speaks to the group about how united they are against the tyranny of Principal Snake. Only they need something to get his attention. The next day as Snake walks to his car, he seems that it's been covered in angry post-it notes. Chantay walks over feeling proud of herself. They talk it out in his office. Snake is pretty pissed about the car and Chantay tells him that so many people miss their groups. Snake says that the school needs mends it's image and Chantay said she already tried to talk with him. Snake tells her that this is Degrassi Community SCHOOL. Emphasis on "school." Chantay tells him that "community" is also a part of the name and with the new rules they've lost that community. And that Snake enacted the rules without any student input. Snake reluctantly agrees and suggests a forum. Chantay drives home a bargin to get clubs and theme weeks back. They shake on their promise.


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