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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 27 Love Lockdown

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I'm not lovin you, the way I wanted to
I bet no one knew, I got no one new
I know I said I'm through, but got love for you
But I'm not lovin' you, the way I wanted to
Gotta keep it goin', keep the lovin' goin'
Keep it on a roll, only God knows
If I be with you, baby I'm confused
You choose, you choose

A Plot

Declan is back in Toronto, and he's back with a purpose. He's at Degrassi in order to attend the Grundy Awards for high school theatere for their play last year — and the get Holly J back into his life. As he walks to the school with his sister, he runs into Holly J and the two make plans for lunch. Declan thinks this time, it will be different. Unfortunetely, there's a complication — Holly J's fling with Sav. Holly J tells Sav that Declan's in town and she's going to lunch with him. Sav is cautious and thinks Declan will pull the stops to get her back. But Holly J is sure that won't happen — her causal fling is just what she needs.

At lunch outside, Declan and Holly J talk. Declan tells her that her last words to him, namely using money to solve everything, stuck with him. He started a charity for inner-city kids. Holly J is impressed and asks if he's seeing anyone. Declan says no, and Holly J tells him that she's seeing Sav. Declan is flabbergasted, and Holly J tells him that it's a just a fun relationship until graduation.


At the awards ceremony in the auditorium, Declan is still dumbfounded that Holly J is seeing Sav. Declan wins the award for Best Directing, and during his speech he thanks the cast and crew — and Holly J most of all. Sav is put off by Declan's advances and tells Holly J he doesn't trust him. Holly J argues back that Declan isn't trying anything and he goes back New York tomorrow. Declan walks up to the both of them and invites them to a party at Fiona's.

At the party, Declan is standing alone watching Sav and Holly J hangout. Declan definitely does have a plan to get Holly J — get her away from Sav and have a quick chat alone and they'll be together at last. The trick is not get Holly J away from Sav, but to get Sav away from Holly J. He entices Sav with a DJ app on his iPad to play music over the party. While Sav is DJ-ing, Delcan and Holly J have their talk. Declan tells her that he misses her. He says his feelings never went away and that he loves her. Holly J is surprised and tells him she's with Sav. She also tells him that nothing will happen between them tonight.


After the party, Declan is moping. Fiona comes sloshing up with a glass of wine, telling him it isn't over yet. She fakes a drunken-state, and Holly J and Declan help her up to bed. Sav takes his cue to leave. After Fiona's put to bed, Holly J comes to sits next to Declan on the couch. They talk about Fiona's drinking some, and then Declan puts the moves on her. He tells Holly J that he misses and brushes her shoulder. Holly J is a bit put off. He starts kissing her shoulder and her neck. Holly J tells him no, they shouldn't be doing this. He continues to kiss her and Holly J looks scared as he kisses her neck. Declan tells her that the moment feels right and Holly J knows it is. He tells her that he loves her. And Holly J turns and kisses him. They then have sex. Or not. Possibly.


B Plot

Eli's back from suspension and eager to see Clare. In writing class, Clare forgives him for Vegas Night. Eli has the perfect date — tickets to a Chuck Palahniuk reading. But Clare has the awards show tonight — with her fighting parents in the audience. The reading is after the awards show so Eli and Clare make the date.

At the awards show, Clare's mom is tense and waiting for Clare's dad to come. All the while, she's snappish and angry. She tells Clare not the going to the Chuck Palahniuk reading because it's after curfew. And because both she and her dad need to talk to her. Clare walks away, knowing what the talk is about. In the theater, Clare's dad finally arrives because he wanted to give her flowers. The gesture doesn't please Mrs. Edwards, and both she and Mr. Edwards snap at each other in the audience. Clare wins the award for prop design but her parents are too busy being mad to even really notice. Clare gives her award speech and fortunately, Eli's there to congratulate her. Despite being told not to go out, Clare sneaks out to the reading anyway with Eli.

After as the reading, Eli and Clare are jazzed and Eli can't stop gushing about Palahniuk's sociopathic characters and how writers need some darkness to drawn on. Clare's phone goes off, and she refuses to answer it. She decides to stay out a little longer and get matching ear piercings with Eli. After their piercings, Clare's phone goes off again, and Eli convinces her to go home because he doesn't want Clare's parents to dislike him. But before she does, they kiss. When Clare comes home, her parents are waiting for her and they're angry. Clare revels in them getting angry at her, and not at each other.

C Plot

Along with the new rules at Degrassi, most of the clubs and groups are now gone. Chantay is very upset and pleads to Snake to reconsider but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Chantay vents her frustrations to Anya in Media Immersion and goes to use the computer, only to find out there's a firewall. Ms. Oh also chimes in there's a cellphone jammer. Chantay is pissed and writes on a post-it note "DEGRASSI SUCKS" and leaves it on the girls' bathroom wall.

After Declan's party, Chantay finds herself the only one upset about Power Squad being disbanded. The girls don't want to get suspended. Chantay angrily spats that a few dumb kids shouldn't ruin it for everyone else. Anya gives Chantay an idea about getting the word out...


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