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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 1 What A Girl Wants

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I wanna thank you for giving me time to breathe
Like a rock you waited so patiently
While I got it together
While I figured it out

A Plot

Season Ten starts and we start off in...New York! Declan and his mom throw Holly J a lavish going away party. Delcan and Holly J are worried about spending 8 months apart, but they have plans for Yale. Fiona comes in, back from therapy with a new mother-approved boyfriend Bobby Breckenridge, a childhood friend. Bobby smarms his way with Declan and Holly. Declan is a little concerned — This is Fiona's first boyfriend and definitely not Bobby's first girlfriend.

The next day, Holly J is getting ready to leave and Fiona is there waiting for her. She wishes Holly J didn't have to leave. She's in a good place now, and she thinks she and her can be really great friends. Holly J tells her that Hamptons were great to her and that she'll be back to visit ASAP. They hug and Holly J says her goodbyes to Declan. Declan gives her a SAT prep book as a parting gift and tells her that he loves her. They kiss and Holly J starts off for New York.


Later that day at Declan and Fiona's new school Vanderbilt Prep, Declan expresses his concerns about Bobby but Fiona is still too giddy about Bobby to take him seriously. Bobby takes Fiona on a grand tour. He charms her up and down the hallway. He even gets Fiona an opportunity to design new school uniforms for the school. Fiona is happy, but Bobby is still a bit distant from her. He even goes out with the guys instead of spending time with Fiona designing the uniforms. The next day, Fiona asks Declan about the night out, and Declan says nothing really happened. He tells her that he had his reservations, but Bobby was on his best behavior. Even Mrs. Coyne is happy she and Bobby are hitting it off.

Later at Vanderbilt Prep, Fiona is still a little miffed at Bobby. He comes in late, missing first period and Fiona confronts him about the night out. Bobby clams up and tells her nothing happened. Fiona rolls her eyes and walks away. Bobby instantly goes into controller mode, while Fiona walks away, he grabs her arm roughly. But he kisses it and is back to his charming self.


Fiona and Bobby are hanging out and Fiona is designing her Vanderbilt uniforms. They talk cute to each other, and Bobby messes with her snowglobe collection. Bobby and Fiona talk about impressing the headmaster with her uniforms and talk lovey-dovey to each other and they end up on the couch. Well, more like Bobby drags her there. Fiona is resisting and Bobby is forcing himself on her and she slaps him...and Bobby backhands her, way too hard. Fiona is angry and demands Bobby to leave despite Bobby's apologies. Later, Bobby arrives at Fiona's house with flowers at brunch. Mrs. Coyne is so happy Bobby's there and tells Fiona she's lucky for having him. Fiona looks at her self in the mirror...and then uses makeup to cover her bruise.


B Plot

The new school year starts (with new Principal Simpson!) and Holly J and Sav want to make the best of their senior year. Sav is coming off from his break-up with Anya and being left behind by Peter, Jane and Spinner. At The Dot, the morning of the new school year, Sav laments all of this to Peter. Just then Drew comes walking up for coffee and he introduces himself to Sav as a New Transfer Student. He then pays for Sav's coffee and tells him he'll see him at school. Holly J arrives at home and first thing she does is clear out a space on her shelf for a picture of Declan and her. She also sees packaging boxes in her room. After a wonderful summer in New York, she's facing the harsh reality of her family's debt.

After school, Sav's having dinner with his mom and Alli. His mom makes some chat, and Alli tells him he's pretty popular by default since of the cool kids graduated. Sav is surprised, but he just wants to fly under the radar at school. His mom tells him he should run for Student Council President and mentions that Holly J has no competition. She tells him to think of the opportunities. Meanwhile, Declan and Holly J talk over Skype about how much they miss each other while Mrs. Sinclair comes in. Declan logs out and Holly J and her mother talk. Holly J's mom reveals that she and her dad sold the house and they're moving into an apartment. Holly J is shocked. And that's not it: their funds manager lost all of their savings, including her college fund. Holly J is stunned, now that Yale seems out of her grasp.

The next day, Sav and Holly J walk to school. Holly J is planning on assuming her throne as Student Council President and Sav tells her that he's thinking of running as president. Holly J is a little surprised and she tells him that's basically her position. She tells him he's not ready for it and she'll need a VP, but Sav thinks the school is ready for a change. In the lunchroom, Holly J announces that she's running for Student Council President again. But then Sav comes up, and he wants to say something. Sav takes the mic and says that Holly J was a good president, with tons of experience but she thinks she could just walk in and declare the race won. But it's time for a change. And Sav is the face of change. Sav manages to rally a lot of students behind him and he snidely tells Holly J that he thinks he's presidential material.

Holly J is scared she might lose. She talks with Anya about how stressed she is about the election. Anya asks how can she help her campaign effort — she's still angry about Sav dumping her. And just what if she got pregnant? This gives Holly J a great idea...the next day Holly J meets with Sav and apologizes for the day before. She asks just why Sav would run? He'll be busy with other plans. Holly J drops the bomb to Sav: that Anya is "pregnant" Sav stands there in Stunned Silence while Holly J smugly walks away.

C Plot

The first day of school starts and Dave has his sights set on Alli and gaining popularity. He plans on running for student council and has a plan to get Alli in his good graces. He's ranking all the Degrassi girls in a computerized list and plans to put Alli on top. Connor warns him about a glitch with the list, but Dave tells him not to worry because he has a new strategy. He asks Alli to help him out with his campaign to which she politely says "Hell no."

Later that day, in Media Immersion teacher, Alli calls over Dave angry. The big list ranking girls at Degrassi? Alli ends up at number 42. Dave is bewildered and Connor says he warned him about the glitch. Meanwhile, Mr. Simpson introduces the new MI teacher Ms. Oh and a new addition to the class room: balls.


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