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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 18 Tears Dry On Their Own

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I wish I could say no regrets
And no emotional debts
Cause as we kiss goodbye the sun sets
So we are history
The shadow covers me
The sky above a blaze that only lovers see

A Plot

Jenna still cannot believe she's pregnant. She's not planning to stop doing The Next Teen Star, but she still has to tell KC. She tries to tell him at school, but can't get the words to come out of her mouth. KC tells her that this the most "normal" he's felt in a long time, putting more pressure on Jenna. With some advice from Alli, Jenna decides to tell KC. At The Dot, she breaks the pregnancy news. She's really scared, but after the initial shock KC is not mad and promises to be with Jenna — and promises after the abortion, she'll be alright.

Jenna and KC argue it out. Jenna doesn't want to go through with one and KC reminds her that she has The Next Teen Star to worry about and his dad is in jail and their school commitments. Jenna has to take some time to think about it. At the waiver signing at The Next Teen Star, Jenna and Alli talk with a producer and who says that constants can be pregnant — but it is a tremendous hassle due to the schedule and prep. Jenna and her brother finally see a doctor. The doctor does an ultrasound and the baby is healthy, and she's about 5 months pregnant. Jenna reveals that she was in denial about the pregnancy during that time. She and doctor talk about what plans she has for the child and she's not sure KC will be in the picture.


Jenna relays the news to KC and he is not happy. He yells at her and tells her his life is just starting to get back on track. And while he can't stop her from having the baby, he tells her he can't be there for her. Jenna tells her brother that she's a single parent. They both are scared but they're willing to work through the pregnancy and new arrival. And Jenna is not giving up on the Next Teen Star dreams.


B Plot

Snake is mad at Connor for what he did with LoveQueen16. He takes away Connor's computer privileges and Connor is upset. Connor is angry with Dave and Wesley, and tells them that he doesn't want to be friends and only has one — LoveQueen16.

He sneaks on a laptop and messages LoveQueen16. He apologizes to her about the other day, and she's upset everyone is trying to keep them apart. Connor invites her to pick him up after to talk. LoveQueen16 arrives to pick up Connor and he rants on how Snake changed his routine. LoveQueen16 reassures him...and starts to run her hand on his leg. Connor is freaked and not prepared for the advance and hops out the car.

Connor tells Snake and Ms. Oh what happened, and Snake goes to call the police. But Connor is still down — he has no friends and no computer. Snake and Ms. Oh realize they overreacted and give back his computer privileges, provided Snake is there to play them with him. While playing computer games, Connor apologizes to Dave and Wesley and they turns playing Frogger.


C Plot

Anya and Riley plot to find out whether or not Dr. Chris is gay or straight. They do it on the guise of a school assignment on relationships. Dr. Chris talks about his former partner using vague genderless pronouns and he thinks Anya and Riley are in college. He then reveals his partner was indeed a female. Anya is happy, but Riley is down. Anya tells him that he'll find someone, and maybe Zane could be that person. The next day, Riley and Anya are doing homework and call over Zane and Zane comes over and helps them and reconnects with Riley.

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