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Recap / Defunctland

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Recap page for the subjects covered in Defunctland.

Theme Parks & Attractions:

  • Disney Theme Parks:
    • ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter (Magic Kingdom)
    • The Sorcerer's Hat (Hollywood Studios)
    • Videopolis (Disneyland)
    • Pleasure Island (Walt Disney World Resort)
    • 20,000 Leagues under the Sea: Submarine Voyage
    • America Sings (Disneyland)
    • Body Wars (Epcot)
    • Captain EO
    • Country Bear Christmas Special (Magic Kingdom)
    • The entrance of California Adventure
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    • Superstar Limo (California Adventure)
    • Euro Disney's failures
    • Space Mountain (Disneyland Paris)
    • Disney's America (cancelled Disney park project)
    • DisneyQuest note 
    • Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour (Tokyo Disneyland)
    • Splash Mountain (Tales of the Okefenokee video, with details on Song of the South)
    • The failure of Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Universal Studios:
  • Pretzel Dark Rides
  • Kings Island:
    • Son of Beast
    • Tomb Raider: The Ride
  • Action Park
  • Busch Gardens:
    • Drachen Fire
    • Big Bad Wolf
  • Black Hole (Alton Towers, England)
  • Nara Dreamland
  • Six Flags:
    • Astroworld
    • Tales of the Okefenokee (Six Flags Over Georgia), with details on Disney's Song of the South and Splash Mountain
  • Orient Express (World of Fun, Kansas City)
  • Various theme parks centered around Santa Claus
  • Wonderland Sydney
  • Bear Country (Parks owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment)
  • Season 3 is about late 19th century and early 20th century predecessors to modern theme parks and fairs:
    • The Ferris Wheel (with details on the history of World's Fairs up to the 1893 Chicago fair, and the life of Walt Disney's father, Elias Disney, who helped construct the wheel)
    • Kansas City's Electric Park (with details on Walt Disney's boyhood)
    • The 1933 Chicago World's Fair



Other subjects:

  • McDonald's Mac Tonight
  • Nickelodeon Hotel
  • Club Disney note 
  • Eastern Airlinesnote 
  • McDonald's and Disneynote 


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