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Recap / Death Battle S 01 E 22 Link Vs Cloud Strife

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They're two of the most iconic swordsmen in video game history: Link, the champion of Hyrule, and Cloud Strife. Since both characters have had a vast array of weapons, skills, and equipment over all their games, they will use the equipment they are most comfortable with in this battle. And as always, there is no outside help in a death battle, so no summons.

Link: Link is the legendary multi-incarnate hero of Hyrule. Brave, he has fought evil for over 10 generations. Each Link possess the Spirit of the Hero, giving them the combat prowes and skills of each previous owner.


Link is skilled with a wide variety of weapons and magic, and he will be using his iconic Master Sword, crafted by the goddess Hylia to slaw demons and deflect magic. He also has a boomerang, bombs, a bow, and the hookshot (a grappling hook-like device).

For defense, he wears the Red Ring which reduces damage 75%, a chain mail shirt, Golden Gauntles (which can withstand 1000 tons of force, and the indestructible Hylian Shield. Though he has a varied arsenal , his dependence on inventory rather than skill can be a problem.

Cloud: Cloud Strife is no ordinary swordsman with his superhuman durability and strength. His main weapon is the Buster Sword. He can shoot fire and lightning. He is moody and unstable, but channels his rage into extremely powerful attacks.

He wears the Ziedrich armor, which halves damage, and a ribbon which makes him immune to status effects. He focuses on overpowering foes, and feats include defeating powerful enemies and surviving impalement multiple times.


After an ad from Game Fly, IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!

Link and Cloud face off in a large room with many pillars leading to the ceiling.


Cloud is the first to attack, rushing forward. His slash is parried by Link, who then backflips away and fires off a few blasts from his sword. Cloud blocks all of these attacks then strikes the ground, sending a wave of energy that sends Link flying backwards.

Cloud and Link close the distance between themselves and engage in a Sword Fight, dodging, parrying, and blocking blows. A strike from Link sends cloud flying away, but he lands on his feet and starts to shoot lightning. Link blocks most of these attacks, and Cloud performs an aerial attack which backfires on him, and Link tries to follow up with a few arrows.

An ice arrow briefly immobilizes Cloud, but he breaks out of the ice. Link throws a boomerang, and Cloud manages to get rhough Link's defenses, slashing him several times. A powerful blow knocks Link's sword away, and Cloud moves in.


He attacks Link, but Link's shiled blocks all his attacks. The boomerang comes back, stunning Cloud and allowing time for Link to retrieve his sword. A strike from Link sends Cloud flying into the air, but he retaliates by shooting fireballs. Link dodges all these fireballs and the fight moves to a walkway high above the floor.

Cloud manages to break Link's defenses again, and seens sure of victory until a precision slash from Link wounds Cloud. Cloud falls to the floor, and Link deploys several bombs which blow him into the air. Link hits the airborne Cloud with his sword.


The hosts conclude this was a very close match, but Link's vast arsenal and experience gave him the edge.

Boomstick: Cloud should've had his mind on more than just the Master Sword.
Wiz: The winner is Link.

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