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Recap / Death Battle S 01 E 19 Dr Eggman Vs Dr Wily

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It's no secret that scientists in fiction are crazy, or mad if you will, but these two take it too far: Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik and Dr. Albert W. Wily, commanders of large armies of robots.

Since these two are so good with commanding these robot armies, they won't be fighting alone. They'll also be fighting with a select handful of these robots to see which is the deadliest robot commander. So time to analyze the weapons, armor, and skills of these two and their mechanized warriors to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!


Eggman: Dr. Eggman is the rather obese, and yet oddly athletic, arch-enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog. His goal is to take over Sonic's World and create his own empire. He stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs in at 282 pounds. His IQ is supposedly over 300, and Ph D is probably fake since we don't know if he even is legally allowed to be called a Doctor. His main power source for a majority of his robots is one of the most evil out there: kidnapped forest animals. PETA would have a field day with this guy if he didn't try to destroy them first.

His main infantry is based around speed and defense because of Sonic and his friends. His Moto Bug is a high speed scout bot. The Caterkiller is a caterpillar robot covered in spikes and makes maneuvering around them a bit tricky. Buzz Bombers are quick flying bee-shaped robots that have lasers instead of stingers. The E-1001 Egg Pawns lack intelligence, but have impressive arsenals, including laser guns and swords. And to round out his basic bots, there are the SWAT Bots, which are fragile, but are good all around robots. As if that wasn't enough, Eggman also has his own fleet of flying battleships like the Mako Shark Gunship, the Manta Ray Ship, and the Egg Carrier, a large ship that measures in at over 2,500 feet and houses numerous missile launchers and a front-mounted laser cannon.


The leader of Eggman's army is the Badniks. Eggman's robotic duplicate, the Egg Robo is essentially a more useful Egg Pawn, capable of performing tasks Eggman himself would normally do, and is even smart enough to pilot some of Eggman's vehicles. Silver Sonic is slow and bulky at first, but has rocket shoes to make itself faster and is powered by a Chaos Emerald to make it more threatening. Mecha Sonic is even slower than Silver Sonic, but in turn is much tougher, focusing it's strength on Fire Power. Mecha Sonic can also absorb chaos energy to maintain its own super form as well. Mecha Knuckles is just as tough as Knuckles himself, but with the added benefit of being able to shoot rockets because why not. E-101 Beta MKII is one of Eggman's most versatile creations, able to fly, teleport, shoot lasers, shoot rockets, and deflect projectiles using a backhand technique. Eggman's Shadow Androids have the same physical capabilities as the ultimate life form himself, and can fire missiles. But they're so complex that in close combat, they are very glitchy. Speaking of glitches, Eggman himself is pretty glitchy as well. Despite being a genius, he seems to have a personality disorder that sent him through different phases. One of those phases caused him to make the mistakes known as Scratch and Grounder...nothing more needs to be said.


But Dr. Eggman's most dangerous creation however is also his biggest success: Hyper Metal Sonic. Metal was created to be a direct copy of Sonic, but was meant to be superior in every single way...and it worked. His Top Speed is measured in at Mach 5, which is faster than the speed of a bullet. He is powered by a 255 CC 4 Valve Fusion Engine which has a maximum output of 600rpm and a maximum torque of 4000 rpm. Those are a lot of numbers. He has every one of Sonic's abilities as well as the impenetrable Black Shield, a chest laser, rocket powered flight, and the Maximum Overdrive attack, where he overloads his circuits to the point that he can blast through anything. Metal Sonic is also able to constantly evolve through scanning opponents and copying their abilities flawlessly. By obtaining enough power, Metal can transform into a number of more powerful forms, each of which increase his abilities more than they already are. Metal Sonic however is very tough to keep in control and has actually attacked Eggman before, such as when he went rouge and became the incredibly powerful Metal Overlord during the events of Sonic Heroes.

Even with his robots fighting his war for him, Eggman's not afraid to step into the battlefield himself. His main mode of transportation is the Egg Mobile, a pod that allows for single man flight and houses two front-mounted machine guns. It also has an attachable wrecking ball as well. To add to this, the Egg Mobile has universal compatability with all of Eggman's machines, including the incredibly powerful Death Egg robot, which can fly, has laser canons, and even has rocket arms with spikes on the end.

Eggman is very vicious, and clever. He's able to play his opponents right into his hands. However, he can be overly obsessive in obtaining a single goal, almost to the point that he overlooks a few key details to focus on one goal. But even then, while this is dangerous to him, it can make him incredibly unpredictable to his opponents.

Eggman: (having just fallen into a camouflaged pit) A nice dream, but dreams are meant to be... (activates jet boots and flies out of pit) ...broken!

Wily: Dr. Albert W. Wily is the arch-nemesis of the super fighting robot known as Mega Man. Once a colleague of Mega Man's creator, Dr. Thomas Light, Wily soon turned on his colleague after being overshadowed by him. So, through the use of either his own programming skills or impressive hacking, Wily created his own army meant to take over the world. The Ex-Professor at the University of Technology is 57 years old and has a Ph D in Electronics Engineering and, somehow, knows Ninjitsu.

Wily's army consists mostly of defense and ranged attacking. The Met is a small little hard hat robot with an impenitrable outer shell, but must expose itself to attacks when firing. Sniper Joe is a military robot that also must expose itself when attacking, but has an impenitrable shield. The Sniper Joes were also based off of Wily and Light's first creation: Proto Man. Bladers are recon bots that divebomb enemies to attack. Hotheads are medium sized robots that can are literal flamethrowers. Paozo are elephant robots that roll large wrecking balls along the ground and vacuum them back using their trunks.

Wily doesn't just use hardware. He created the deadly roboenza virus, a disease which infects robots and causes them to have complete disregard for human life as well as making them impossible to reason with. This virus later became the Maverick Virus, which infected many of the enemies Light's last creation, X, had to fight in the future. Wily also created the Yellow Devil robot, a large yellow blob monster that stands at around 20 feet tall, can shape-shift, and can split its own body apart to attack enemies. It is resistant to cold, but has a weakness to fire and electricity. It is almost completely indestructible with its weak point being its eye. In addition, it can also absorb enemies into itself and spit them out when it feels like it.

Wily's army is lead by his robot masters, which were created so that they would be sentient and not require human input. Guts Man was a civil engineering robot who was reprogrammed by Wily. He is resistant to cold, and his Super Arm is strong enough to punch through concrete and lift up to two tons. When he jumps, he can create a small earthquake that's strong enough to knock back close-by enemies. Metal Man was designed specifically to kill Mega Man, and was made out of ceramic titanium, which is light weight, making him more agile. His Metal Blade is also made out of ceramic titanium, and is one of the deadliest weapons in video games. It is in fact so powerful, it's Metal Man's greatest weakness. Slash Man is incredibly agile and wields two weapons: a red adhesive that traps and blinds enemies, and the Slash Claw, a blade made out of an alien metal that is strong enough to destroy asteroids...for some reason. Magnet Man is a tactics fighter who uses the Magnet Missile, which can home in on metal enemies. He also has the Magnet Shield, which can pull in said enemies and can protect him for a short time. Sheep Man was originally designed to actually herd sheep and gets bored easily. After being infected with the roboenza virus, he was given electrical powers, can turn into clouds to avoid attacks, and is weak enough to be heavily damaged by rubber baseballs. Napalm Man is a walking tanks that has numerous missiles and bouncing Napalm Bombs. He loves war so much that he created his own weapons museum, and then blew it up when no one came to see it. Pharaoh Man was created by Dr. Cossack to explore ancient pyramids, but was stolen by Wily. He has an odd assortment of powers including the Pharaoh Shot, a fireball, the Pharaoh Wave, an energy wave, levitation, teleportation, and a magic eye shield that he can pull out of nowhere. He also seems to like punching his enemies, particularly in the face.

But Wily's most powerful robot master is the one known as Bass (pronounced like the instrument, not the fish), a direct imitation of Mega Man. Bass has a robotic helper dog named Treble who he can merge with using the Super Adapter to create the form of Super Bass. Bass is powered by Bassnium (no, I'm not making this up), an extremely potent and unique energy source Wily discovered by complete accident. His main weapon is the Bass Buster which has both rapid fire and charge shot settings, and he has a jet booster on his legs that allows him to dash forward at high speeds. He can copy any action he has seen, and can use a weapon he acquires to the same effectiveness as the original owner. Bass is a very powerful robot, but also has a superiority complex. He is constantly seeking to prove he's the best and will disobey or even attack Wily if he thinks that Wily's order goes against his plans.

Wily, however, has vehicles built to help him fight if he needs to himself. These vehicles are known as Wily Machines, which are often different in shape and abilities from each other. One Wily Machine was even designed after a dinosaur, but Wily's favorite appears to be Wily Machine #8. 8 has a missile launcher, a buzz-saw that can boomerang back to its proper position, a triple-barrel laser cannon, and laser cannon inside of the large skull front. It has rocket-powered flight and houses the Wily Capsule, a flying saucer which is Wily's personal mode of transportation that makes a beeping noise that will drive you insane.

Wily likes to keep his team as flexible as possible since he focuses on long term goals and strategies. While this means that a majority of his robots have very exploitable weaknesses, it also makes him and his army ready for any situation thrown there way.

Wily: I will create chaos! Destroy everything! And the best part, oh the very best part, is... (begins charging up a laser) I've finally gotten the best of Dr. Light! Mwahahahahahaha!

So after an advertisement one, though they do request support through's advantage program, let's end the debate of who is the best robot commanding mad doctor once and for all. IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!

The scene opens up with Eggman's army approaching Wily's, who waits for him.


The two doctors order their basic minions to attack, with Wily pointing out his firepower is superior. Buzz Bombers start shooting down onto the mets, which are unaffected before they fire back, destroying the buzz bombers. Moto Bugs race towards the army, but a Paozo knocks them all down with a single shot. Sniper Joes then jump in and fire on a group of Egg Pawns and destroy a majority of them before SWAT Bots come in to fire back. The Joes block the shots before firing back onto the SWAT Bots and Eggpawns, destroying more of them. Wily points out Eggman's minions are outmatched, but soon, Beta teleports into the fight.

Beta flies over the Mets and Joes, and Paozo while blasting them to pieces. Bladers attempt to attack Beta, but he backhands all of them away. A few more Mets attempt to stop him, but the Egg Robo flies over them and drops a bomb on them. Shadow Androids race by a few Hotheads that attempt to destroy the Androids, but this proves to just be a diversion for Mecha Sonic and Silver Sonic to shred through them.

Wily then sends in his robot masters. Metal Man and Slash Man tear through a few Egg Pawns, Catterkillers, and Buzz Bombers. Magnet Man then draws Beta and Egg Robo towards him before he destroys them with a few Magnet Missiles. Mecha Sonic attempts to take out Pharaoh Man, but he teleports a short way to avoid the attack. When Mecha Sonic comes back for another shot, Pharaoh blocks it with his shield before shooting a Pharaoh Shot at Mecha Sonic. A Moto Bug and Mecha Knuckles attempt to stop them, but Guts Man is able to slam the ground hard enough that the Moto Bug goes into his hands. With Mecha Knuckles knocked back, Guts Man throws the Moto Bug at him hard enough to destroy Mecha Knuckles.

Napalm Man starts chasing after Silver Sonic, firing his missiles at him, until he is blasted by an energy shot. We then see that the shot came from Hyper Metal Sonic. Metal starts scanning Napalm Man, and when he has copied Napalm's abilities, Metal destroys the body before flying off. Meanwhile, in a different part of the fight, Sheep Man is standing around. Scratch and Grounder attempt to capture Sheep Man, but when the smoke clears, he's nowhere to be seen. The two Eggman bots start arguing before Sheep Man zaps them both, causing their decapitated heads to land on each other.

Silver Sonic then rolls over all three of them before getting blasted by Bass and dropping a chaos emerald. Before Bass or Wily can figure out what it is though, Metal Sonic picks it up, gaining even more power. Bass finds this to finally be a worthy challenge until the Yellow Devil shows up. After finally absorbing the power from the emerald, Metal Sonic lands right next to the Yellow Devil, who traps the robotic hedgehog. Eggman starts smacking the Yellow Devil with the Egg Mobile's wrecking ball, but Bass destroys the chain attached to the Wrecking Ball. A Shadow Android attempts to attack Bass, but he quickly destroys it too.

Eggman decides to call in the Egg Fleet, but Wily soon shows up with Wily Machine 8. Eggman counters by descending into the Death Egg Robot. The two machines start attacking each other, with it looking like neither one is doing too do much damage. However, Metal soon escapes from Yellow Devil's grasp. He destroys Guts Man and Slash Man, who were nearby, before destroying Yellow Devil using Napalm Man's Napalm Bomb. Bass warns Wily before Metal Sonic destroys Wily Machine 8. Wily falls out of the machine begging for mercy, but Eggman stomps on him with the Death Egg. The battle looks to be over before the Death Egg removes its foot, revealing that it was just a dummy. Wily then reveals that he was in Wily Machine 9 (the dinosaur one) the whole time.

Metal Sonic knocks away Bass and Treble. Metal Man then attempts to destroy Metal Sonic, but the robo-hog put up the Black Shield and copied Metal Man's Metal Blades, throwing the attack back at Metal Man and destroying him. Bass tries to fight back, but Metal Sonic knocks him away again. Wily, having had enough of this, infects Metal Sonic with Roboenza. Wily claims to have won, but Eggman reveals that the Egg Fleet has shown up. Eggman laughs in victory, but soon Metal Sonic is completely affected by the Roboenza. He evilly states "Kneel before your master" and begins absorbing the entire Egg Fleet.

Bass realizes he needs to stop Metal Sonic, so he merges with Treble to become Super Bass. Bass fires shots at Metal Sonic, but the creature fires missiles at Bass and knocks him to the ground. Metal Sonic then emerges as Metal Overlord and destroys Bass with a large laser. He destroys all the remaining robots on the battlefield and destroys Eggman and the Death Egg with another laser in one shot. Wily escapes in the Wily Capsule just before Metal destroys the Wily Machine. Metal attempts to destroy Wily and finally lands a shot that destroys him.


The scene then shows that Overlord has destroyed an entire city and seems to be ready to destroy everything else.

So...who wins this fight? Technically, it is Wily since Metal Sonic was infected with Roboenza from Wily, which meant the end for Eggman. Then again, Wily died too, and that is Eggman's robot. And the two were pretty evenly matched.

Wiz: So the winner is...uh...
Boomstick: Metal Sonic?
Wiz: Metal Sonic.

Next time on Death Battle...

Dr. Eggman vs. Dr. Wily contains examples of:

  • Darkhorse Victory: For the first time in the series, the winner is not one of the two combatants, but rather a Robozena-infected Metal Sonic who took them both out.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Wily might have survived the fight's finale if he hadn't infected Metal Sonic with robozena.

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