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Recap / Daria S 1 E 03

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Helen and Jake start worrying about Daria and Quinn's future and push the girls into taking a college prep course. One assignment for the course is to visit a college, so the whole family goes to Middleton, Jake and Helen's alma mater. The girls and their tour guide, a college girl named Heather, get separated from their parents, and Hilarity Ensues when Quinn tries to join a sorority and Daria gets a job writing the students' essays.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Amoral Attorney: Discussed.
    Daria: My mom wouldn't let me keep [the money]. She said it was wrong to encourage cheaters and to profit from them.
    Jane: So, she's giving up being a lawyer?
    Daria: I asked her that, and I'm sure some day we'll once again be on speaking terms.
  • Do Wrong, Right: When Jake finds out Daria is selling papers to college students.
    Jake: And she made you pay in cash.
    Student: That's right.
    Jake (smirking): Good girl.
  • Education Mama: The episode begins with the Morgendorffers visiting some friends with a three-year-old daughter. They've already bought her My First S.A.T. Study Guide, prompting Helen and Jake to push Daria and Quinn into the college prep course.
  • Exact Words: Daria never separated from the tour guide... who then took her to her dorm and introduced Daria to the essay business.
  • Fantasy Twist: In Daria's Imagine Spot about college life, she imagines a school administrator promoting her to teach at their Parisian campus in her first week. However, it turns out that he just did it so that he could use her dorm to carry out affairs with the female students.
    Daria: How come even in my fantasies everyone's a jerk?
    • Kevin begns to fantasize about college, except all the college football players are a lot bigger than him. He shakes his head and restarts the dream with himself taller and more fit.
  • Imagine Spot: Daria, Jane, Quinn, Kevin and Brittany each have one about what college will be like.
  • Loan Shark: The bursar advises Jake to borrow money from a business that's imlied to be a front for the Mafia.
  • Naked People Trapped Outside: According to Kevin, on his college trip some frat boys stripped him, covered him in molasses and left him outside in the middle of the night. He seems to find this funny.
  • Not So Different: Daria explaining to some of the students she was hanging out with over how to write their papers has some comparisons to Quinn explaining to a bunch of frat boys how they can play a drinking game. Daria begins a somewhat lucrative enterprise, Quinn gets crowned Keg Queen.
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  • Out of Focus: We only see the Morgendorffers' college trip; we hear a bit about the other characters', but absolutely nothing about Jane's.
  • Stealth Insult: The frat boy who wants Helen's underwear for a fraternity prank pretty much says he wants them because he thinks they're big, i.e., because of how big Helen is.
  • Wacky Fratboy Hijinx: One Fratbro asks Helen for her underwear, which his fraternity wants to use as a flag. Kevin also alludes to this (see Naked People Trapped Outside).


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