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All spoilers are unmarked.

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  • Sealed with a Kick: In the unaired pilot, Daria fakes a relationship with Kevin after he brings up and dismisses her as a romantic partner. This 5-minute pilot is in black and white with different character designs and other elements different from the series.

    Season 1 
  1. "Esteemsters": Daria Morgendorffer (the same one from Beavis And Butthead, only better-drawn and [[Flanderization more dour and cynical]]) and her family (businesswoman Helen, neurotic consultant Jake, and Alpha Bitch sister, Quinn) move to Lawndale, where Quinn joins Lawndale High's fashion club and Daria meets a fellow cynic named Jane Lane, who is put into a class for kids with low self-esteem after failing her psychiatric test.
  2. "The Invitation": After giving Brittany an impromptu tutoring in art, Daria is invited by the head cheerleader to a party, to which she (who is serving as a chaperon for Quinn) and Jane reluctantly attend.
  3. "College Bored": Daria and Quinn get into hi-jinks while visiting Middleton College, Helen and Jake's alma mater, as part of a college prep course.
  4. "Cafe Disaffecto": After a computer is stolen from Lawndale High's cyber cafe, it is re-positioned as a traditional coffee-house. After Daria fails to raise money for the re-opening, she is roped in to perform at the house's opening night.
  5. "Malled": Daria's economics class goes on a field trip to the Mall of the Millennium, where she and Jane discovers Quinn, having cut class, there as well.
  6. "This Year's Model": A modeling agency is allowed to recruit at Lawndale High School. Quinn participates while Daria is disgusted with the arrangement.
  7. "The Lab Brat": Daria is paired up with Kevin for a science project, while Kevin's girlfriend, Brittany, is paired with the class pervert, Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III.
  8. "Pinch Sitter": Daria babysits for two sheltered children when Quinn bails so she can go on a date.
  9. "Too Cute": Quinn considers plastic surgery after a girl in school gets a nose job, but the only way the doctors will perform plastic surgery on Quinn is if Daria gets surgery as well.
  10. "The Big House": Helen and Jake instate a "Family Court" after both Daria and Quinn get in trouble for staying out past curfew. Meanwhile, the students of Lawndale High prepare for the upcoming Teachers vs. Classic Rock DJ roller hockey game, in the hopes that Mr. DeMartino will suffer a heart attack like he did last year.
  11. "Road Worrier": Daria travelers with Jane, her rocker brother, Trent, and his friend Jesse, to a rock festival, but traffic jams, bee stings, roadside bathroom breaks, broken glasses, and Trent's busted van find the quartet stranded on the side of the road.
  12. "The Teachings of Don Jake": After Jake suffers from a burst blood vessel in his eye during his rant over money, the Morgendorffers decide to go camping to relieve his stress. Meanwhile, Jane and Trent travel to their family reunion.
  13. "The Misery Chick": A Jerk Jock dies during his visit back to Lawndale High and everyone comes to Daria for advice on how to deal with sadness, while Jane actively avoids her.

    Season 2 
  1. "Arts 'N Crass": Daria and Jane's painting of a pretty girl with bulimia catches flak from Principal Li and Mr. O'Neill, who don't like the message it sends. Meanwhile, Jake, who's out of a job because of a bad decision, desperately searches for anyone in need of a consultant.
  2. "The Daria Hunter": Lawndale High goes on a paintballing trip, where Daria and Jane sneak off to see a tourist trap centered on a great white shark run by a crazy woman, Helen and Ms. Li fight over Daria's attitude, Quinn threatens Sandy's place as head of the Fashion Club, Ms. Barch falls in love with a man for the first time in 20-odd years, and Mr. DeMartino shares a drink and stories of his messed-up childhood with Jake.
  3. "Quinn the Brain": When Quinn gets a good grade on an English assignment, she embraces her (pseudo-) intellectual side while Daria worries that her airheaded sister may be smarter than her.
  4. "I Don't": The Morgendorffers are invited to a wedding, where Daria meets her like-minded (and similar-looking) aunt named Amy, Helen gets drunk, Quinn gets hit on by a priest, and Jake tries to play golf without his wife knowing.
  5. "That Was Then, This Is Dumb": Jake and Helen's hippie friends come over. Meanwhile, Daria and Jane join Trent and Jesse at the flea market.
  6. "Monster": After a conversation with Daria and Jane during a rainy ride home from the movie theater, Mr. O'Neill assigns his class to make a movie, and Daria and Jane choose to make a documentary about Quinn and her shallowness. Meanwhile, Jake becomes obsessed with a childhood video that shows him falling off his bike with no one to help him up.
  7. "The New Kid": A home-schooled kid comes to Lawndale High and his involvement with Daria and the yearbook club has everyone hopping mad over pages being cut to make room for art pieces.
  8. "Gifted": Daria and Jodie are invited to an open house at Grove Hills, a private school for exemplary students. Meanwhile, Quinn stays with her Fashion Club friends — but ends up getting thrown out of all three houses and stays with Jane.
  9. "Ill": While at a grunge club watching Trent perform, Daria gets a strange rash on her hand and leaves before anyone can see it. The next day at school, the rash spreads to her face and she is put in the hospital.
  10. "Fair Enough": Ms. Li sets up a Renaissance Fair at school to pay for the repairs needed for the library's fallen roof. During the fair, Jake gets harassed by a surly teenager, Daria and Jane ride a Ferris wheel with a sobbing Stacy, Brittany keeps Kevin from participating in the play by driving far away from the school, and the Three J's try their hand at jousting with Mr. DeMartino, the Black Knight.
  11. "See Jane Run": Jane joins the track team, leaving Daria so alone that she begins talking to herself.
  12. "Pierce Me": Daria and Trent search for the perfect gift for Jane's birthday — which ends up being pierced on Daria's navel, at Trent's request. Meanwhile, Quinn forces Helen to participate in a mother-daughter fashion show.
  13. "Write Where It Hurts": Daria has writer's block while trying to come up with a realistic story for English class.

    Season 3 
  1. "Daria!": A Musical Episode where the town prepares for a hurricane.
  2. "Through a Lens Darkly": Daria gets contact lenses for an upcoming driver's test, but finds the contacts too painful to wear—and doesn't want to go back to wearing glasses.
  3. "The Old and the Beautiful": Daria is forced to volunteer at a nursing home reading to seniors, who are more appreciative of Kevin and Brittany.
  4. "Depth Takes a Holiday": A Bizarro Episode where Daria and Jane meet Anthropomorphic Personifications of different holidays.
  5. "Daria Dance Party": Daria is asked to organize a school dance in competition with an event organized by the Fashion Club.
  6. "The Lost Girls": Daria wins the chance to hang out with a teen magazine editor named Val who tries (and fails) at being in touch with today's youth.
  7. "It Happened One Nut" (a.k.a "Daria Gets a Job"): Daria gets a job as a nut store salesman as part of a school assignment.
  8. "Lane Miserables": Jane and Trent's immediate family all show up at their house, causing them to shelter at the Morgendorffer house.
  9. "Jake of Hearts": Jake has a heart attack and his mother comes by to nurse him. Meanwhile, two dumbass DJs are contracted by Ms. Li to broadcast at Lawndale High all week.
  10. "Speedtrapped": Daria gets her driver's license (after months of trying) and must drive to the next county to bail her friend Jane out of jail.
  11. "The Lawndale File": In Lawndale, several strange events happen to coincide over several days, including a government investigation.
  12. "Just Add Water": Lawndale High sets up a casino cruise night, where Quinn is worried that her date may have stood her up, Mr. DeMartino struggles with a gambling addiction, Jake gets seduced by his client's wife (who also tries to seduce Mr. O'Neill), and Daria and Jane try to get some sleep after staying up all night to watch a Sick, Sad World marathon.
  13. "Jane's Addiction" (aka "Jane's Addition"): Jane's new boyfriend, Tom, is putting a strain on Daria's friendship with her, and Daria's crush on Trent begins to fade when he can't deliver the goods needed for a class presentation.

    Season 4 
  1. "Partner's Complaint": Daria and Jodie partner up for a budgeting project, as do Jane and Brittany. After unsuccessfully trying to get a prospective loan from the bank, Jodie gets mad at Daria for criticizing her for successfully using her father's reputation to snare the loan, which makes Daria realize that she's being too hard on her friends.
  2. "Antisocial Climbers": Mr. O'Neill arranges for a school-wide wilderness trip that ends in disaster when Mr. O'Neill suffers from asthma, Ms. Li plans to videotape the event for a television network, Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie bring Quinn's cute knick-knacks instead of the survival gear, Ms. Barch loses Mr. O'Neill while short-roping him, and Daria and Jane end up lost after Mr. DeMartino falls off a cliff. Meanwhile, Jake and Helen rent a cabin in the woods to rekindle their waning romance.
  3. "A Tree Grows in Lawndale": After Kevin crashes his motorcycle into the Tommy Sherman Memorial Tree, he starts feeling sorry for himself, and as a result, the football team start to ruin the reputation of Lawndale High (and, by proxy, the town) by losing every game. Tom's plan to have Kevin become a safety lecturer helps get things back to relatively normal.
  4. "Murder, She Snored": In this dream-based episode, Mr. DeMartino accuses Kevin and his football teammates of cheating on a history test and Daria jokes that she'll kill him, but the joke turns all too real when Daria is accused of murdering Kevin.
  5. "The F Word" (a.k.a "Fail"): Mr. O'Neill tells his students to try something they are certain to fail at, in order to achieve personal growth.
  6. "I Loathe a Parade": While going to the store to get toilet paper for Jake (who spends the entire episode sitting on the toilet reading a teen magazine), Daria gets lost in the homecoming parade, where she meets several people from past episodes.
  7. "Of Human Bonding": Daria goes to a marketing conference with Jake while Helen stays home and gets a makeover from Quinn and her Fashion Club.
  8. "Psycho Therapy": The Morgendorffers go a mental health resort paid for by Helen's law firm, sizing her up for a promotion. Meanwhile, Jane installs a webcam.
  9. "Mart of Darkness": Tom accidentally eats Jane's art supplies (gummy bears) and she talks Daria into going to a new large wholesale store, where Mr. DeMartino gets into a fight with a free sample clerk, Trent and Jesse can't decide what they want to buy, and Daria and Jane discover an embarrassing secret about one of Lawndale High's students. Meanwhile, Kevin's father pressures Mr. O'Neill into letting him pass due to his stature as a jock.
  10. "Legends of the Mall": Quinn and the Fashion Club get lost coming home from the mall and Jake, Daria, and Trent try to look for them, all the while telling three urban legends.
  11. "Groped by an Angel": Quinn believes she has a guardian angel after several strange things happen to her. Meanwhile, Brittany's father and stepmother throw a party for her, celebrating her managing a "C-" average the previous semester.
  12. "Fire!": After Jake accidentally sets the kitchen on fire, the Morgendorffers stay at a local hotel where Quinn meets a bellhop named Bobby whose supposed "uncle" works at the hotel. Meanwhile, Daria goes to stay at Jane's, who begins to question her friendship with Daria now that Tom has become noticeably less interested in Jane.
  13. "Dye! Dye! My Darling": Jane talks Daria into letting her put tiger stripes in Jane's hair, but the botched job makes Jane think Daria did it intentionally after Daria admitted in the previous episode that she had feelings for Tom (when Daria kept trying to tell Jane that she doesn't know how to do a dye job). All is forgiven between the two until Daria and Tom kiss in his car, and after Daria tells her about it, their friendship is immediately dissolved.

    Interlude TV Movie 
  • Is It Fall Yet?: During summer vacation, Daria (who's still not friends with Jane after what happened in "Dye! Dye! My Darling") counsels for a kids' summer camp and meets a dour boy named Link. Meanwhile, Jane goes to an art camp and is seduced by a bisexual girl named Allison while Quinn gets a tutor who believes she has the brains to get through high school.

    Season 5 
  1. "Fizz Ed": Lawndale High signs a clandestine sponsorship deal with a soda company to raise funds badly needed for classroom supplies, and Ms. Li soon resorts to insane measures to keep the soda makers happy.
  2. "Sappy Anniversary": Daria can't figure out how to celebrate her anniversary with Tom and worries it may be the end of their relationship. Meanwhile, a bored Jake finds work at a dotcom company where it's not clear what, if anything, he's actually supposed to do.
  3. "Fat Like Me": Sandi breaks her leg after tripping down the stairs and gains weight after becoming sedentary. Meanwhile, Daria and Jane take running bets on whether or not the Fashion Club will disband.
  4. "Camp Fear": Daria and Quinn attend a not-so-happy reunion at their old summer camp. Meanwhile, Trent and Jane try to find new snacks in the countryside.
  5. "The Story of D": Daria sends a story she doesn't think is very good to a magazine at the insistence of Tom, and the results drive a wedge between them. Meanwhile, The Fashion Club tries to put together a successful advice magazine.
  6. "Lucky Strike": The teachers at Lawndale High go on strike following the latest impasse between Mr. DeMartino and Ms. Li over a proposed 10% raise in salary for the new teachers' union contract, prompting Ms. Li to hire scabs as substitutes—including Daria, who becomes Quinn's teacher after the first one is fired for lewd conduct with students. Meanwhile, Jane and Trent help the striking teachers use art and music to gain support from others.
  7. "Art Burn": Jane gets paid to make copies of famous artworks and finds that the sideline is interfering with her original work, while she tries and fails to get Trent to focus on a home improvement project. Meanwhile, The Fashion Club is upset after a caricature artist draws an unappealing picture of them.
  8. "One J at a Time": Inspired by Daria and Tom's relationship, Quinn tries to pick a steady boyfriend amongst the three boys who fawn over her. Meanwhile, Jake tries to get rid of a squirrel who keeps knocking over his garbage cans.
  9. "Life in the Past Lane": Jane dates a guy who is into 1940s fashion and style. Meanwhile, Upchuck's magic tricks finds a follower in Stacy.
  10. "Aunt Nauseum": Helen's sister tries to deal with her daughter's divorce and shanghais Helen to manage it, opening up old wounds for Helen and her sisters. Meanwhile, Jake tries to find a way out of the conflict and the Fashion Club seeks to resolve a dispute over two members wearing the same dress.
  11. "Prize Fighters": Daria applies for a prestigious scholarship, but discovers that Jodie and Upchuck are going for the same prize. Meanwhile, Jake screws up an online purchase and ends up with a huge order of unwanted hot dogs.
  12. "My Night at Daria's": After Tom falls asleep in Daria's room during a study session, his mad dash out of the house at four in the morning prompts rumors to spread that Daria and Tom had sex with each other and makes Daria consider whether she and Tom should actually consummate their relationship. Meanwhile, Jake is preoccupied with a consulting job for a very bad Japanese restaurant and ends up ingesting a parasite after eating the food.
  13. "Boxing Daria": Series Finale for the regular series, in which a refrigerator box brings back old memories of Daria being branded asocial in grade school.

    Finale TV Movie 
  • Is It College Yet?: The Grand Finale for the entire series: With high school graduation nearing, Daria must choose which college to go to and whether or not she should continue her relationship with Tom. Meanwhile, Jane decides to forgo college, Quinn gets a job at a restaurant where her new best friend and boss is revealed to be an alcoholic, Kevin tries to keep Brittany from knowing he has to repeat his senior year, and Mr. DeMartino teaches Mr. O'Neill to stand up to Ms. Barch after Barch ropes Mr. O'Neill into a possible marriage.


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