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Recap / Daredevil 2015 S 3 E 11 Reunion

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Dex tries to run his prey to ground, Nadeem's conscience kicks in, and Fisk looks to recover a gift from Vanessa seized during his incarceration.


  • Adult Fear: Upon returning home Nadeem quickly panics upon seeing a broken vase on the floor causing him to loudly call his wife and son only to be relieved when he finds them and that the vase had been broken by accident. Considering how stressful his situation is, and that he may have pissed Fisk off by letting Brett "arrest" Karen, his reaction is very understandable. His fears are proven correct when corrupt FBI agents try to kill him and his family shortly after, though thankfully Matt shows up to save them.
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  • After Action Patch Up: Matt bandages Karen's wrist while they hide in the crypt.
  • All for Nothing: Fisk is once again free, but still under FBI protection, because a higher court has reversed his conviction. Foggy however persuades his friends that they should try building a state case against Fisk, as opposed to just trying to kill him.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: Maggie figures out that Dex was the fake Daredevil she saw leaving the church earlier, and notices that Nadeem doesn't seem happy about the situation. She asks him "Do you consider yourself a moral person?", and when he responds that he tries to be, she notes that her good friend (Father Lantom) died protecting Karen from evil (Dex), and asks Nadeem that, if he truly is moral, is he really willing to help that evil find her? Maggie's questions clearly guilt-trip Nadeem, and he ends up agreeing to let Brett "arrest" Karen to get her out of the church safely, and then turn on Fisk and Dex soon after.
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  • The Atoner: Averted by Karen who says that you can't atone after having taken a life. It's for this reason alone that she doesn't want Matt to break his Thou Shalt Not Kill rule.
  • Be as Unhelpful as Possible: Sister Maggie pretends she can't unlock the gate to the crypt where Matt and Karen are hiding. Unfortunately the FBI have breaching tools that they use to cut open the lock. Later however she's able to divert their attention by showing them the door to the roof, and then has a novitiate claim she saw Daredevil entering the orphanage when tracker dogs are brought in.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • Maggie manages to use her body to hide a blood stain that would've tipped Dex off to the fact that Matt and Karen are hiding in a sarcophagus.
    • Matt shows up to rescue Agent Nadeem and his family when the former is in the middle of a shootout with the corrupt Feds who came to kill them.
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  • Both Sides Have a Point: There's a bit of this when Theo is trying to get Foggy to read the prepared "apology" Fisk's people want him to read. Theo has a point that Foggy was the one to piss off Fisk and dragged the family into this, while Foggy counters that Theo knowingly signed a loan he knew was fraudulent without consulting a lawyer first.
  • Calling the Cops on the FBI: A literal version when Karen openly surrenders to the NYPD to stop herself being killed by Fisk's corrupted FBI agents.
  • The Cameo: Captain Strieber, who had previously been Misty's boss at the 29th during The Defenders (2017), is now at the 15th.
  • Cramming the Coffin: Matt and Karen hide from Dex when the FBI search the crypt by squeezing into a sarcophagus.
  • Crucified Hero Shot: Father Lantom lying with his arms spread on the church floor at the episode's opening.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Framing Karen as an accomplice to Daredevil really wasn't the smartest move by Dex, considering that a whole congregation of witnesses saw him trying to murder her.
  • Dramatic Unmask: As a token of trust, Matt unmasks before Nadeem in the final scene.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: When Fisk visits Mrs. Falb, the woman who owns the "Rabbit in a Snowstorm" painting that Vanessa gave him, he hopes to convince her to sell it back to him. However, when he hears how much suffering she and her family went through from The Gestapo, who stole many possessions from them (including the painting) and transported them to a work camp, he is clearly disturbed and sympathetic, and decides to drop the matter and allow her to keep it.
  • Evil-Detecting Dog: Somewhat implied, possibly metaphorically; when the FBI bring in the dogs to smoke Matt and Karen out, one of them initially comes up to Dex, whose scent is all over the place from his earlier attack on the church, prompting him to say, "Not me, fellas. The bad guys."
  • Four-Philosophy Ensemble: Well, three of them, but Matt, Foggy, and Karen display this quite well during their meeting on the roof to decide what to do next: Matt is The Cynic who has lost faith in the system and thinks the only way to stop Fisk is to kill him; Foggy is the Idealist who insists that the law and the system can still work properly this time if they go about taking Fisk down the right way; and Karen's the Realist who acknowledges that Matt may be right, but asks him to hear Foggy out.
  • Friend on the Force: Brett comes through and "arrests" Karen into NYPD custody to save her from the corrupt FBI and later just lets her go.
  • Guilt Complex: Karen, again, going so far as to proclaiming that she should have died instead of Father Lantom.
  • History Repeats: Sister Maggie gets Matt some new clothes and we see him strip off his blood soaked shirt in front of Karen so he can slip on a new t-shirt. It's a bit of a call back to the night Matt and Karen first met, when she changed her shirt in front of him in his apartment.
  • Internal Reveal:
    • Karen admits the truth about her role in the deaths of Wesley and her brother to Matt while they hide from Dex in the basement.
    • When Nadeem isn't sure whether Daredevil really came to his home to rescue him or to kill him himself as revenge for Nadeem selling him out to Fisk, Matt reveals his true identity to convince Nadeem to trust him.
  • Irony: Mrs. Falb asks Fisk whether he knows what it is like to see your father dying at your feet. He does - just in a vastly different context than her.
  • It's All My Fault: Karen blames herself for Father Lantom's death, feeling that she put him in danger by being at the church at all when Fisk was hunting for her.
  • Jerkass Realization: Matt finally realizes that he has been a huge asshole towards Karen and Foggy and apologizes.
  • Jurisdiction Friction: To get Karen out of the church safely, Foggy invokes Karen's surrender to the NYPD, not to the FBI. This results in back-and-forth between Brett and Dex. Nadeem, who has seen what Dex has done and also listened to Maggie's words of wisdom, takes Brett aside, quietly tells him that Karen will be dead before she gets to the FBI offices if the FBI takes her in, and instructs Brett to nod his head and say nothing. Dex is visibly fuming as Brett "arrests" Karen and escorts her out of the church.
  • Kick the Dog:
    • Dex killing two random civilians simply because they saw him without a mask (and as a way to vent his anger over failing to kill Karen).
    • Fisk taking his anger out on the guy that just told him that Karen has been taken by the NYPD.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: A positive version for Nadeem. After seeing what Dex has done and having been guilt-tripped further by Maggie's words, Nadeem decides to do the right thing and helps Brett save Karen's life by getting her away from Dex. Matt overhears this and realizes that Nadeem is ultimately a trustworthy man despite the mistakes he's made, and as a result, comes to save him and his family from being killed by corrupt FBI agents.
  • Leave No Witnesses: After fleeing the church and ducking into a alley while suffering a Villainous Breakdown, Dex kills two more men who enter the alley and see him dressed as Daredevil with his mask off.
  • Missing Steps Plan: Foggy's plan to stop Fisk: "Step one, we work together. Step two, we come up with a plan. And step three, we execute that plan."
  • Mythology Gag: Matt's remark to Karen about having to give up his one shot at Fisk to come save her, seems to be a shoutout to a remark in Daredevil Yellow, Book 6.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Invoked by Mrs. Falb who says that Fisk is Not So Different from the 'wolves' who came to her door as a child and destroyed her family. The remark actually seems to hit home.
  • Nerves of Steel:
    • Despite knowing who he is, Mrs. Falb doesn't show any kind of fear towards Fisk.
    • Brett doesn't flinch in the face of Dex, and takes Karen into custody.
  • Not What I Signed Up For: Nadeem's reaction to seeing that Dex killed Father Lantom in the course of his attempt to kill Karen.
    Ray Nadeem: I did not sign up for this shit!
    Dex: Yes you did...
  • Oblivious Guilt Slinging: When Dex realises that Sister Maggie hid the bloodstain where Karen and Matt were hiding, he makes a beeline towards her with hostile intent, only to change his mind on hearing a couple of police asking what kind of psycho would kill a priest.
  • Pet the Dog: Fisk visits the woman who bought the "Rabbit in a Snowstorm" painting that Vanessa gave him in an attempt to convince her to let him buy it back from her. However, once he discovers that the painting was stolen from her family by the Nazis, all the suffering that she and her family went through, and the painting's personal meaning to her, he decides that Vanessa would want her to keep the painting, and graciously accepts her refusal to sell it to him.
  • Sadistic Choice:
    • Foggy has to decide between retracting his statement and thus supporting Fisk, or not doing it and endangering his family. Before he makes the choice, however, he gets called to the church by Matt.
    • Same goes for Nadeem, who is torn between his moral compass and the safety of his wife and son. He finally chooses the former, and he and his family are almost killed for it until Matt shows up to save them.
  • Shoot the Messenger: Fisk kills the lackey who told him about Ray letting Karen get away, simply because he happened to relay a phone call from Nadeem. He then sends men to kill Nadeem.
  • Sincerity Mode: Matt genuinely apologizes for pushing Foggy and Karen away and doesn't try to justify it.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism: Foggy still believes in the system of justice, wanting to put Fisk back behind bars again, while Matt thinks the only way to stop him now is to kill him.
  • Spotting the Thread: Brett is able to piece together that something's off because the (corrupt) Feds on the case are claiming that Karen is an accomplice to "Daredevil", but multiple witnesses at the scene have testified that he wanted to kill her.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Discussed by Matt and Karen as they're hiding in the crypt. Karen thinks that no matter how bad Fisk is, Matt would never be able to come back from such an act, speaking from her own experience with her brother and Wesley (and from what she'd seen with Frank Castle).
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Downplayed. The crowd in front of Fisk's hotel jeer at him during much of his speech but when he explains that he was framed by Daredevil, they quiet down and listen to him. The public isn't quite on his side, but they're obviously willing to hear him out since, for all they know, Daredevil just killed his way through a church.
  • What Would X Do?: Fisk lets Mrs. Falb keep the painting because he thinks it's what Vanessa would want.


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