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Recap / Criminal Case: World Edition - Europe Region

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Europe is the first region investigated in Criminal Case: World Edition.

Encompassing the countries of England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Vatican, and Spain, Europe primarily focuses on the player adjusting themselves to their new teammates in The Bureau and world-travel lifestyle, while at the same time dealing with an ancient cult committing terrorist attacks all over the continent with the intent of spreading terror and chaos for their personal agenda.

    Cases Set in Europe 
  1. God Save the Prince: A British prince is poisoned inside of a phone booth in London.
  2. Off with Their Heads: An editor-in-chief is beheaded with a guillotine at the Castle of Versailles in France.
  3. Auf Wieder-Slain: A famous actor is impaled on a clock in his German hometown.
  4. Murder's Cheap: A financial minister is stabbed in the back in the midst of a Greek financial crisis.
  5. When Shadows Fall: A priest is branded to death at the Piazza di Spagna in Rome.
  6. The Impossible Dream: A mystery novelist is burned to death with a brazen bull in Spain.



  • Action Prologue: Compared to the previous two "first arcs" in the franchise, Europe right off the bat throws you into a high-stakes plot that deals with an evil Ancient Conspiracy, financial crisis, political assassinations, and terrorist attacks, showing the Darker and Edgier side of World Edition from the get-go. And you still haven't directly crossed paths with SOMBRA...
  • Ancient Conspiracy: The main focus of Europe is dealing with an ancient cult called the Promethians, who have returned after a centuries-long absence with the purpose of spreading chaos and fear via terrorism.
  • Arc Villain: Archibald Gilchrist, leader of the cult known as the Promethians which serve as the main source of conflict during the storyline.
  • The Klan: The Promethian cult dresses like them, only with red robes instead.
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  • Recurring Character: The main recurring characters in Europe are Archibald Gilchrist, Jacqueline Proust, Brother Klaus, Princess Sofia, Oracle Papadakis, and Cardinal Salieri.
  • Sudden Downer Ending: The region ends with Chief Ripley being assassinated right after stopping the Promethians, forcing you to abandon celebration and chase her killer to the next region.
  • United Europe: The Promethians' endgame plan is helping create this, intending to induce fear into people so they will vote "Yes" on a referendum, which combined with their stronghold over the continent would practically make them rulers of the biggest country in the world.

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