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Recap / Criminal Case: Travel in Time

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This is a recap page of Criminal Case: Travel in Time cases.

  1. "Death as Old as Time"
  2. "Stranded in Gaul"
  3. "When in Rome"
  4. "A Greek Tragedy"
  5. "Egypt is Burning"
  6. "Summer of Death"
  7. "Gone in 30 Seconds"
  8. "Houston, We Have a Problem"
  9. "What Happens in Vegas..."
  10. "Crime and Punishment"
  11. "A Tudor Murder"
  12. "Hell to Pay"
  13. "Murder is No Joke"
  14. "Pride Comes Before the Fall"
  15. "Till Death Do Us Part"
  16. "Back to the Future"
  17. "Rebel Without a Pulse"
  18. "Bash of the Year"
  19. "Fake News"
  20. "Fool's Gold"
  21. "Anchors Aweigh!"
  22. "A Pirate's Death for Me"
  23. "Shipwrecked!"
  24. "Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered"
  25. "Going Once, Going Twice, Dead!"
  26. "A Mongolian Tale"
  27. "Fountain of Death"
  28. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  29. "A Slice of Death"
  30. "The Wrath of Khan"
  31. "Time's Up"