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Recap / Creeped Out S 1 E 12 Side Show Part 1

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The Curious explores a funhouse hall of mirrors.

Ace performs as the "Amazing Aromaologist" in a circus led by mysterious ringmaster Zephaniah. He has a miraculous sense of smell which can tell him personal information about someone. As he watches the audience leave, he begins to have flashes of memory; but Zephaniah steers him away from the boundary line outside the circus, which performers are forbidden to cross. That night, Zephaniah summons the troupe and introduces a new performer: Indigo, a beautiful girl. Ace tries to ask her about her life, but it becomes clear that she is losing her memories.

That night, Ace has a dream similar to the visions he saw near the boundary. He sketches the people he saw, and questions if they are his family. He later helps Indigo escape the house of mirrors after she gets stuck in there and has a panic attack. Indigo doesn't think that she has any talents suitable for a circus, but Ace says Zephaniah wouldn't let her be there otherwise. She snoops through Ace's trailer and finds his sketchbook. He explains that he believes his dreams are memories and if that's true, they would prove that everything he thinks he knows about his life would be a lie.

Indigo is to make her debut in the show the following night, but loses her nerve and tries to run away. Ace gently encourages her and after a slow start, she delights the audience with her skill as an acrobat. Later, Ace talks to some of the other performers and tries to ask if they've ever thought about life outside the boundary. It becomes apparent that, like Ace and Indigo, everyone in the circus has lost their memories. All believe that the boundary line is there for their protection, and reject the idea of trying to cross it. Zephaniah interrupts and orders everyone to rest, but catches Indigo with a sketch taken from Ace's book. Meanwhile, Ace draws the water tower visible outside the circus and realises it has appeared in his dreams. He believes he must have come from the town where the circus is.

Ace finds Zephaniah looking through his sketchbook. He angrily accuses Zephaniah of kidnapping him and imprisoning him in the circus. Zephaniah claims this isn't true and that Ace, and all the circus's performers, took refuge with him because the outside world rejected them. When Ace insists his real home is in the town, Zephaniah offers to take him there the next day. He warns that Ace's memories may not be what they seem.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Always Identical Twins: There's a pair of these in the circus (although one has a much shorter hairstyle than her sister.)
  • Circus Brat: Ostensibly Ace, although it's questionable how long he's grown up there.
  • The Freakshow: Played with. The circus's inhabitants look like ordinary people, but were all (according to Zephaniah) shunned by the outside world because they are different.
  • Hall of Mirrors: The Curious is seen walking through one just before the opening title card. Later, Indigo gets lost in it and has to be guided out by Ace.
  • Identity Amnesia: None of the circus's performers remember what they did before they came to the circus.
  • Jerk Jock: The circus's clowns fill this role.
  • The Nose Knows: Ace's talent within the circus.
  • Quest for Identity: Ace goes through one.
  • Repulsive Ringmaster: Zephaniah.
  • Shrinking Violet: Indigo.
  • World's Strongest Man: The circus has one.