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Recap / Creeped Out S 1 E 11 The Traveller

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The Curious shows up on a council housing estate.

Jodie and Brandon are always causing trouble at home and school. Their neighbour Mrs Gunson lectures them for throwing water bombs and complains to Jodie's mother; who tries to talk to her about her wild behaviour. She grounds Jodie, so Jodie just invites Brandon over. Meanwhile, a mysterious man (the Traveller) with blue skin touches a guy; lightning coming out of the Traveller's fingertips. Jodie wishes that she could be the only person left on earth and have everything to herself. She and Brandon horse around and break the TV, upsetting Jodie's mother who yells at her.

An old man comes up to Jodie and yells that "a man with blue skin" touched him. He claims he is really Baz Warren, a young delinquent Jodie knows; but the mysterious man touched him and turned him old, leaving behind a card saying "Take, and I'll take from you." The old man drops an ornate case, and Mrs Gunson takes it, saying she deserves to sell it as payment for having to put up with Jodie. However, Jodie breaks into Mrs Gunson's locker and takes it. The case contains a strange crystal, and Jodie thinks it doesn't do anything. But when her mother comes into the room, Jodie realises that the crystal has the power to stop time. Jodie's mother says she has decided not to allow her to hang out with Brandon any more. Jodie freezes time and goes outside, finding that Brandon (who had been coming to visit her) is outside and also frozen.

Jodie shows him the crystal and demonstrates that if they press the button, they can stop time together and be the only ones not frozen. They have fun and play pranks together but, while hanging out at Brandon's house, hear someone's footsteps. The Traveller comes towards them, and they freeze, pretending to have been stopped in time. He leaves, and Jodie explains what Baz Warren told her. They find that the Traveller has smashed up Mrs Gunson's locker; and go over to her house, watching from a window as he turns Mrs Gunson into an old lady. Mrs Gunson screams that she never stole anything, but the Traveller shakes his head.

Jodie and Brandon realise the Traveller punishes thieves: Baz Warren is a burglar, Mrs Gunson steals from charity donation boxes. They think he won't come after them if they give his case back, so they leave it outside. However, he comes up to Jodie's apartment. Jodie yells at him to go away because she gave back the case, but the man touches Brandon, turning his hair white. Jodie begs him not to harm Brandon, saying that taking Brandon away would hurt her more than anything else. She says that she gave back the thing she stole, but the Traveller shows her the frozen figure of her mother: who has had to spend all her savings on replacing the TV. Jodie asks if she can try to make it right again. The Traveller shakes her hand, and lightning comes out of his fingertips.

Jodie sells her games console to replace her mother's savings, and picks up another card the Traveller left her: saying "Break your deal, and I'll break mine. Until then, a reminder of the punishment that awaits." It is shown that Jodie has a withered old lady hand where the Traveller touched her. The Curious later takes the card that the Traveller gave Baz.

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