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Recap / Crazy Ex Girlfriend S 4 E 6 I See You

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"Me and you, heading out on the open road, two old friends that have been through so much together..."

Rebecca, wanting a day where she doesn't have to talk about her feelings, winds up on a trip to eat ribs with Darryl. Paula procrastinates on studying for finals by hiring Josh to help pick up a desk. Nathaniel ropes Heather into doing him a favor.


"Trapped In A Car With Someone You Don't Want To Be Trapped In A Car With" (sung by: Rachel Bloom, Vella Lovell, Donna Lynne Champlin, Scott Michael Foster, Pete Gardner and Vincent Rodriguez III)


  • Affectionate Parody: Of The Beach Boys, specifically the band's three periods: early surf-pop such as "Fun, Fun, Fun", mid-period experimental pop like "God Only Knows", and later MOR pop.
  • Medium Awareness: Totally.
    And the car ride is so endless
    It feels like so much time has passed
    That your taste evolves
    And you enter a more
    Experimental era of your music career

"Farewell, Fair Mustache" (sung by Pete Gardner)

  • Nursery Rhyme: It's a tender and loving farewell sung by a man to his mustache.
    You lived on my face
    Since you were first born
    Catching my tears
    And occasionally corn
    Though my lip may be bare
    My soul is quite lush
    Farewell, fair mustache
    And this tiny brush
    And these clippers
    And this beard oil
    And this backup beard oil



  • Almost Kiss: Rebecca/Darryl, Paula/Josh, and Nathaniel/Bert are framed as if they were about to kiss, but don't.
  • Ashes to Crashes: The ashes of Nathaniel's au pair Heidi end up scattered on Heather and Nathaniel after the former tries to find out what's in the envelope he's carrying.
  • The Friends Who Never Hang: This episode is Heather and Nathaniel's first major storyline together.
  • Kitsch Collection: The woman who sells Paula the desk has a huge collection of glass and ceramic decorations, among other things.
  • Plot Parallel: Three unlikely and uncomfortable road trips that lead to character development and character understanding.
  • Road Trip Plot: Three of them — Darryl & Rebecca go to a ribs place, Josh & Paula go to pick up a desk, and Nathaniel & Heather go to scatter some ashes. Although they start off despising the trip, all three pairs end up understanding each other a bit better.

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