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Recap / Corner Gas S 5 E 18 Bed And Brake Fast

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"Don't hog the bathroom, princess."

A Plot: After seeing Phil turn a couple away from the hotel, Oscar devises a get-rich-quick scheme by falsely advertising his house as a bed and breakfast. Emma finds out, but despite some early apprehension, she goes along with it when she realizes how much money they're making. Unfortunately for them, Lacey's big mouth spills the beans.

B Plot: Davis starts borrowing Brent’s car without telling him why he’s taking it. Brent eventually finds out Davis is using it as an undercover "ghost" car to pull over speeders. Delighted by its success in this arena (and how much extra stuff Davis does for the car), Brent nicknames it "Super Car", but he and Davis get one-upped when Karen does the same thing with Wanda's car.

C Plot: Lacey wins Hank’s handyman services at a silent auction, but ends up having to do twice the amount of work because of it, as Hank never seems to finish the job. Lacey pawns Hank off on Karen, thinking it will get him out of her hair, but is furious when Hank actually does good work at Karen's place.


Tropes referenced:

  • Accidental Public Confession: The Leroys scheme falls apart when Lacey comes to try to stay at their house (due to Hank having put her shower out of commission) and laughs at hearing the guests call the place a B and B. All the guests immediately figure out the ruse and demand a refund.
  • All That Glitters: This seems to be Lacey's opinion at the silent auction.
    Lacey: Oh, just because you wrap something in cellophane does not make it worth 200 dollars.
    Emma: Remember, it's for charity.
    Lacey: Yeah, I know what a silent auction is. I'm just saying, people are gettin' ripped off.
  • Ambiguous Syntax:
    Lacey: You forgot your cup.
    Travis Moen: Actually, I'm wearing it. You can never be too careful.
    Lacey: Oh no, not that cup, the other cup.
    [She points at the Stanley Cup, which is sitting on the counter.]
    Travis Moen: Oh, thanks.
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  • Brain Bleach: Wanda after hearing Davis and Brent compliment each other back and forth:
    Wanda: Get a room! [Beat] Ugh, I just pictured that.
  • The Cameo: In the Cold Open, by Travis Moen of the then-Stanley-Cup-champion Anaheim Ducks. In a Brick Joke, he re-appears later, having been pulled over by Davis (and again by Karen).
  • Captain Obvious: Looking at Karen's sink:
    Karen: I don't know what's wrong, but it's been leaking for days.
    Hank: Well, there's your problem. It's not supposed to leak.
    Karen: Yeah, I kinda figured that. Can you fix it?
  • D.I.Y. Disaster: Lacey only wants Hank to hang pictures, but he notices the tiles in her bathtub need to be grouted, so he destroys the wall. Then he ends up breaking the fridge while getting himself a snack and has to fix that too. Not to mention that he'll only work for about 20 minutes a day before leaving (see Exact Words below). Eventually Lacey gets fed up and fixes everything herself. Except she didn't reconnect the pipes in the bathroom, so Hank destroys the wall again and says he won't be able to hang up the pictures because it's going to take him the rest of her handyman time to fix her mistake.
  • Exact Words: Hank auctioning himself off as "Handyman for a Day" for charity. Yes, it implies that you'll get 8 hours of work out of him, but it doesn't mean he'll work for 8 hours in a row.
  • "Fawlty Towers" Plot: The whole bed and breakfast scheme.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • The tables are turned on Brent and Super Car when Karen and Wanda pull him over in the "Wanda Wagon".
    • Emma kicks Oscar out of the house, so when he goes to stay at the hotel, Phil overcharges him.
      Phil: Prices just went up. But there's a cozy B and B down the road.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    Lacey: You've only been here 20 minutes!
    Hank: 23, but that's all the time I have.
    Lacey: Oh, what do you mean? Where are you going?
    Hank: Hey, I don't delve into your personal life! [pulling Lacey's camisole out of his back pocket] Oh, this fell out of your drawer.
  • Instantly Proven Wrong:
    Lacey: I outbid everyone on the handyman for a day. How cheap could I be?
    Hank: Hey Lacey, thanks for bidding on my, uh, handyman thing last night.
    Karen: You bid on Hank? How much you pay for that?
    Lacey: Oh, what I paid is not important. It's for charity.
    Hank: Ten bucks. I didn't think it would go that high, but Lacey and I got into a biddin' war.
    Karen: You bid on yourself?
    Hank: Well, I wanted some stuff done around my house, but in the end I couldn't afford me.
  • List of Transgressions:
    Hank: [seeing Davis drive off] How come he gets to use your car?
    Brent: 'Cause he brings it back?
    Hank: Oh, so now there are rules?
    Brent: More just common courtesies, like not driving my car outta town, or not running my car outta gas while you're outta town, or not having my car towed by the police to somewhere even farther outta town.
    Hank: Oh, like I'm the one who didn't put enough gas in it.
    Brent: Yeah, that's right. I should've thought of that before I let you take my car without asking.
    Hank: Fine. Can I borrow your car that time?
    Brent: No!
    Hank: See? That's why I don't ask!
  • Malaproper: Oscar greets the Johnsons at the Leroy home by saying "Welcome to our humble little commode."
  • Mondegreen: Oscar mishears "B and B" as "B and G".
  • Oblivious Mockery:
    • Karen, looking at what she thinks is Hank's handiwork, but is actually Lacey's:
      Lacey: Pretty good, huh?
      Karen: Not great, but uh, good for Hank.
      Lacey: Well even people other than Hank. You know some parts were very tricky... he was, he was telling me.
    • After Wanda renames her car the Viper Wagon, Brent claims it's a lame name. A random Corner Gas patron then laughs and says "Yeah, you might as well call it Super Car".
  • Pun-Based Title: Pointing to the bed and breakfast as well as the plot involving Brent's car.
  • The Quisling: Wanda accuses Brent of being one when Davis uses Brent's car to pull her over.
    Brent: What's a quisling?
    Wanda: It's like a low-life, greasy snitch-o.
    Brent: Geez, I prefer "quisling".
  • Shout-Out: Brent has more than one Imagine Spot where his "Super Car" has the ability to talk, similar to KITT from Knight Rider. It even helps him take down robbers.
  • Snowball Lie: Oscar trying to fool Emma with his B and B idea:
    Oscar: You'll never guess who I just ran into, just now.
    Emma: You're right. I can't guess and I'll never care to guess.
    Oscar: My old buddy! He was just drivin' through town, with his wife, and I said they could stay here with us.
    Emma: What buddy?
    Oscar: My old buddy... Mr. Johnson and his wife!
    Emma: Mr. Johnson?
    Oscar: Well, we don't call him that, because he's a buddy! [Beat] Buddy Johnson, we call him.
    Emma: I don't remember Buddy Johnson.
    Oscar: You know, from... camp, from like a long time ago, from childhood. From childhood camp! Buddy!
    Emma: From camp?
    Oscar: Now you're gettin' it.
  • Stealth Insult:
    Davis: When I'm in Brent's car, people completely ignore me.
    Karen: If you want that, just go to a party.
    Davis: In a ghost car?
  • Tempting Fate:
    Hank: You should get that fixed before water gets in and rots the drywall.
    Lacey: You know how to do that?
    Hank: Sure.
    Lacey: You-You're not just gonna smash the sink with a hammer or something?
    Hank: Why? Your sink need hammerin'?
    Lacey: No! Forget I said that. Look, if you can fix the grout or whatever that's called, that'd be great, and then I want you to put the picture right here.
    Hank: Yeah, you bet. Pass me the hammer.
    [Lacey leers at Hank]
    Hank: For the picture!
  • Thief Bag: Lampshaded by Brent in an Imagine Spot, where he spots a robber walking out of Corner Gas with one.
    Brent: Hey! Where are goin' with my dollar sign bag?

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