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Recap / Corner Gas S 5 E 17 The Accidental Cleanist

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A Plot: Davis and Karen discover that Emma cleans while annoyed or angry, so they use it to their advantage and make Emma clean up for them. Emma turns the tables when she realizes what they're doing.

B Plot: Hank and Wanda start treasure hunting under the deck at the Ruby, but Lacey isn't happy about it. She tries to put a stop to their searching.

C Plot: Brent finds a cheap way to create a legacy for himself: plant a tree in town. Oscar finds out and puts in a bench to outdo Brent, but both become bothered by the kind of attention their contributions get.


Tropes Referenced:

  • Accidental Rhyme:
    Oscar: I was walking downtown and what should I see, but Brent Leroy's Corner Gas tree!
    Brent: ...So you wrote a poem about it?
    Oscar: That just rhymed by accident!
  • Ambiguous Syntax: Lacey proclaims the deck is closed, and everyone on the deck starts to get up and leave. She has to clarify she meant under the deck is closed.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Emma doesn't like having her baking skills questioned.
    • Also Lacey doesn't like people hunting for lost items under her deck.
    • Wanda is ticklish and does not like to be tickled.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • Davis and Karen to Emma.
    • Wanda claiming she's not under the deck... from under the deck.
  • Brutal Honesty: Lacey has some pretty harsh opinions about how long Brent's tree will last.
    Lacey: I give your legacy a week.
  • Captain Oblivious: Lacey seems to completely miss that the bracelet Wanda's wearing is the same one she lost, despite Wanda's painfully obvious string of lies.
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  • Cloud Cuckoolander:
    Oscar: Trees are like magnets for booze.
    Brent: Do you even care about making sense anymore?
  • Embarrassing Old Photo: Wanda has a history of bad driver's license photos, so when she finally gets a good photo she is proud to show it off.
  • Face Doodling: One of the ways Hank and Lacey get back at Wanda for going under the deck again and getting stuck is to draw a mustache on her face with an eyebrow pencil.
    Lacey: Good work, Hank. You rescued Groucho Marx.
  • Help, I'm Stuck!: Wanda gets stuck between boards under the deck while going for a watch. She calls for help, but since she's already built up bad blood for going under too often, nobody cares. A man even gets worried when he thinks it's a child stuck, only to become disinterested after finding out it's Wanda.
  • Insistent Terminology: Played for Laughs after the newspaper prints a story about Oscar's "make-out bench":
    Brent: Probably gonna be a population boom now thanks to your sex bench.
    Oscar: It's not a sex bench, it's a make-out bench... and it's not a make-out bench!
  • Metaphorically True:
    Brent: [showing Lacey a tree] I just planted it.
    Lacey: You planted it?
    Brent: Yes... well, two large men with shovels planted it, but I sponsored it.
  • Never My Fault: When Lacey finds Wanda under the deck again:
    Lacey: Unbelievable! You know, I should have put barbed wire around the deck.
    Wanda: Yeah, this is your fault.
  • Piggy Bank: Apparently Hank has one. When Lacey sees him counting coins from under the deck, she assumes he had to smash it.
    Hank: Oh, no no no. Oinky's still in one piece.
  • Shout-Out: While getting Hank to get her license from under the deck using foot stomps, Wanda references both Tremors and Dune.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Wanda thinks Hank is still under the deck when he suddenly appears right behind her.
  • Tickle Torture: When Wanda gets stuck under the deck at the Ruby Hank takes advantage to "check for coins between her ribs".

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