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Recap / Corner Gas S 4 E 15 Lacey Borrows

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"Great! Now you're borrowing my wood chipper!"

A Plot: Lacey is upset when she discovers that Karen borrowed her jacket without asking. While discussing it, Karen admits she assumed they had the kind of friendship where they can borrow things without asking. Unsatisfied with that answer, Lacey starts borrowing things from Karen to prove a point. However, Karen is equally as stubborn, and the two begin a long game of chicken where they borrow increasingly important things from each other to try and make the other crack.

B Plot: Brent reveals that he has never seen a scary movie. His parents are determined to "turn him into a man" by showing him one, and Wanda tags along to witness his reactions. When they finally watch one, Brent doesn't seem bothered while Oscar, Emma and Wanda are the ones scared out of their wits.

C Plot: Hank realizes he never seems to have the things he needs close by, so he starts wearing cargo pants with lots of huge pockets to carry as much stuff as possible. This proves more burdensome than he'd hoped, as the pants bog him down and take over his life.


Tropes Referenced:

  • '80s Hair: Both Brent and his date sport time-appropriate coifs in a Flashback Cut.
  • Animal Athlete Loophole: Near the end of the episode, Brent shows everyone a movie called Slam Dunk Monkey.
    Wanda: The monkey plays basketball? How high can that thing jump?
    Brent: Actually, he just runs up the pole and stands on the backboard.
    Emma: Oh, come on. Even I know that's not allowed.
    Brent: It's not; until crusty league commissioner Ed Asner is forced to change the rules! Oh, but I've said too much.
  • Brick Joke: Early in the episode, Davis suggests Hank get a wallet to solve his problems. It then cuts to a fake episode ending where Hank has done just that, followed by the usual Freeze-Frame Ending with credits music. When it cuts back, Hank dismisses the idea because he's "not a wallet guy", and goes through with the utility pants subplot instead. Eventually, the episode's actual ending turns out just like the fake one.
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  • Cat Scare: Discussed and averted. Wanda assumes this will happen during a scary movie, and Brent tenses up thinking about it. Instead, a buzz saw pops out and brutally kills one of the characters.
    Brent: I'm just glad it wasn't a cat...
  • Comically Missing the Point: During the escalating borrowing war, Lacey takes the police car (sirens blazing) right in front of Karen and Davis. Davis gets annoyed, not for the borrowing, but because Karen never allows him to use the sirens.
  • Companion Cube: Hank becomes a little too attached to his pants.
    Lacey: Maybe the best thing for you is to break up with your pants.
    Hank: [appalled] Whoa! You talk about them like they're not even here!
  • Description Cut: Brent claims he went to a scary movie at a drive-in once, but he didn't see the movie, "if you know what I mean". The flashback mentioned above in '80s Hair then proves he only missed the movie because he took too long getting snacks.
  • Double Meaning:
    Lacey: Ooh, looks like someone's having a party.
    Oscar: Yeah, a "turn our son into a man" party.
    Lacey: Brent's having a bar mitzvah?
  • Entertainingly Wrong: When Emma compliments Lacey's sunglasses:
    Lacey: They're Karen's, actually. I can borrow her stuff; she can borrow my stuff. I guess we have what you'd call a "don't ask" policy.
    Oscar: Like the military.
    Lacey: Not exactly.
  • Escalating War: The borrowing feud between Karen and Lacey goes from jackets and sunglasses, to iPods and purses, to laptops and houses, and even the police cruiser.
  • Funny Background Event: While Hank talks to Lacey about crimes happening right under their noses, Davis's hand is seen swiping french fries from Hank's plate. Hank eventually looks down and accuses Lacey of skimping on the fries.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    Wanda: [seeing everything Hank is buying] That's a lot of stuff.
    Hank: I guess you could say it's a pantload. [chuckles]
  • Hypocritical Humor: When Brent tells Wanda that his parents are afraid to go into the basement because of the scary movie, Wanda scoffs, "Geez, your folks got a good handle on reality. Do they think there's an ax murderer hiding in the potato bin?" Then Brent asks her to clean the stockroom while he's out and she's terrified to go in there by herself.
  • Imagine Spot: Before Davis reveals that Lacey borrowed Karen's laptop, Karen pictures Hank pulling it from his pants and trying to sell it.
  • Instantly Proven Wrong:
    Karen: I'm sorry I took your jacket. I had to run out for a second. I didn't think it was a big deal.
    Lacey: Well, it wouldn't be, except this jacket was a gift.
    Karen: I was with you when you bought it!
    Lacey: A gift to myself.
  • Momma's Boy:
    Oscar: Time to become a man!
    Brent: I'm already a man!
    Emma: You're seeing the movie.
    Brent: Yes, Mom.
  • Pass the Popcorn: After Emma reveals that they're all in Lacey's house because Karen borrowed it, Lacey and Karen then have a staredown while the others eat popcorn and look on like it's a scary movie.
  • Police Are Useless: Lacey wants Davis to help him figure out who took her jacket, but he's too busy enjoying his sandwich to care.
  • Pun-Based Title: A play on Lacey's full name, Lacey Burrows.
  • Senior Sleep Cycle: Oscar has a habit of falling fast asleep as soon as a movie starts and waking up just as it ends.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Brent is more interested in watching a Garfield video then a horror movie.
    • Hank assumes if Batman wore pants, they'd be like the ones he has.
      Davis: Batman would never wear pants.
    • When Brent sees all the stuff Hank is putting in his pants, he attempts to compare Hank to MacGyver, but has a hard time remembering his name.

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