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Recap / Comic Strike A Call For Help Arc

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A Call for Help is the first Story Arc of Comic Strike. It started in the review of Girls #1 and 2 and is still currently ongoing. It starts when Ashley meets a talking blue plush owl, and from there gets introduced to the world of witch craft.

Recap of plot

  • Part 1-Girls #1-2
    • A blue plush owl named Winter crashes into Ashley's window. He says his senses told him she's a with . Ashley says she what's no idea about witches and thought they didn't exsist. Winter says his sensors must've screwed up and leaves telling Ashley to forget about all this situation.
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  • Part 2-Sex Criminals #1-Comic Strike #3
  • Part 3-Comic Book Covers: The Good, The Bad, The Absurd-Comic Strike #4

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