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Recap / Cold Case S 7 E 9 Forensics

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The team searches for the killer of Luke Cronin, a eighteen year old champion debater from humble means who was wrongly believed to have committed suicide in 1999 after losing his first debate three months into his scholarship-funded schooling at a competitive top private high school. Suspects include his coach, his best friend and his debating partner.


  • Academic Alpha Bitch: Alyssa showed to be extremely competitive, the reason why she wrote the death threat to Like, but never crossed in her mind to kill him.
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  • Arc Words: Only one that can judge you is you and I am my own evidence.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Upset over his outburst at a debate, Alyssa writes Luke a death threat.
  • Famous Last Words: "You're holding on to a victory that doesn't exist!"
  • Motor Mouth: Alyssa. The first lines of the episode:
    Alyssa: ''(in the span of ten seconds).....they have nothing to answer it. Jefferson's trying to skate by on nice ideas without a lot of facts to back them up. Sorry, guys,but if you want to take a trophy, you got to do the work. Extend across our unanswered DA harms and we win this round cold.
    Luke: Oh...Alyssa, you sure talk fast.
    Alyssa: You know what they say, speed kills.
  • Reality Ensues: Luke suddenly joins Maynerd on a scholarship. He joins debate right away. Gets put onto the A-Team (The main debaters) right away...And he ends up a total mess due to the pressure to get good grades and winning.
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  • Red Herring: The author of the death threat, Alyssa Lane did not murder Luke, it was just a meaningless note she wrote the moment she was upset with him. Still, without that note Luke's case would have never been reopened.
  • Talking Down the Suicidal: Luke to his dad.
  • Wham Line: Scotty delivers one on confronting the killer.
    Darren Munsk: Do you think I can't tell a bluff? I went to national finals!
    Scotty Valens: 1987. Yeah, we looked into it. All though, it was you that cost the round, not your partner.

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