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Recap / Clone High S 1 E 12 Makeover Makeover Makeover The Makeover Episode

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"Makeover, makeover
Makeover, makeover
Makeover, makeover

Original Air Date: February 3, 2003

In part one of the show's two-part season finale, Clone High is preparing for prom season, with every guy going out of their way to make a spectacular "promposal." But while Cleo is dogging Abe for her's, Abe is concerned about his best friend Joan's inability to get her own date and sets about dolling her up to attract the perfect guy, still blissfully unaware that Joan is in love with him. Meanwhile, JFK, in a bet with his own reflection, takes Gandhi under his wing to turn him into a stone-cold ladies man and Principal Scudworth spirals into a deep depression after a call from his own high school rival, John Stamos.


"Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Trope edits!":

  • Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?: Makeover!!
  • Bait-and-Switch: A running gag with Abe and the women in his life.
    • He asks Cleo if he'd do him the honor... of giving Joan a makeover.
    • He asks Joan if she'll make him the happiest guy on earth and accompany him to... the mirror, so he can give her a makeover so another guy can ask her out.
    • And after her makeover, he asks her to come...pile a list of potential dates.
  • Be a Whore to Get Your Man: Played straight and subverted. Once Cleo makes Joan over as a tramp, Abe suddenly sees how beautiful Joan is... but still doesn't get that she wants him.
  • Berserker Tears: Scudworth devolves into this, presumably for days after his call from STAMOS!
  • Betty and Veronica: Comes to a head in this episode where Abe is so obsessed with getting Joan a date and inviting Cleo to the prom that he becomes unsure of which girl he really has feelings for.
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  • Be Yourself: What Gandhi eventually realizes when he sees that his "GFK" persona is turning him into something he's not. Joan, meanwhile, doesn't want to be made over, but doesn't mind as soon as Abe says she looks good.
  • Brief Accent Imitation: Gandhi takes on JFK's Hollywood New England (and his terrible joke-explaining) when he becomes GFK.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Abe, as usual, is completely unperceptive of Joan's feelings for him. Though this is where it finally starts to get a little more serious.
    Joan: [crying] I don't wanna be beautiful, Abe! I just want you!
    Abe: get you a prom date, I know!
  • Hahvahd Yahd In My Cah: JFK's first step in turning Gandhi into GFK. "Fawuh suppah, I, er uh, want a pahty platta!"
  • Historical In-Joke: When Cathrine the Great turns down his prom invitation, Gandhi tells her to "get off [her] high horse!"note 
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  • Hurricane of Euphemisms: JFK delivers several to Gandhi when trying to get his attention in the cafetorium.
    JFK: Hey you! Half-pint! Junior mint! Pipsqueak! Tiny Tim! Yardstick! Snak Pac! Wee fella! Brown leprechaun!
    Gandhi: [glancing around] Are you talkin' to me?
  • Hypocritical Humor: JFK makes fun of Gandhi for talking to himself in the mirror... then immediately gets into an argument with his own reflection, kicking off the b-plot.
  • I Am What I Am: When Gandhi sheds his GFK persona, he looks JFK square in the face and says, in his normal voice, "My name is Gandhi."
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: Parodied.
    Gandhi: I just want someone to love, dry hump, leave and then brag about. Is that so wrong?
  • It's All About Me: Cleo, moreso than ever, as she expects Abe to give her the single greatest promposal the school has ever seen simply on the basis that she's Cleopatra!
  • The Man in the Mirror Talks Back: Double Subverted. JFK making a bet with his own reflection just seems like him being a pompous idiot. In the punchline to this joke, his reflection checks it's watch while JFK folds his arms angrily and looks away.
  • My Girl Is Not a Slut: Downplayed. Abe, still blissfully unaware of her sexcapades, muses to Cleo about how prom is the night where all teenagers lose their virginity, sending her into a laughing fit.
  • Overly Long Gag: Gandhi pulling out about ten socks from his crotch when he drops the GFK persona.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gandhi gives one to JFK.
    "You know what JFK stands for in my book? Just feigning kindness!"
  • Running Gag
    • "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Makeover!"note 
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Susan B. Anthony backs into a bathroom stall and tries to flush herself down the toilet when Gandhi asks her out. She later makes a second attempt after watching JFK argue with his reflection.
  • Serious Business: Promposals. If you want a date for the prom, you have to make one, and it has to be perfect, even if your date is already your significant other. As is the case with most unwritten laws of high school, it just is... because.
    Abe: Joan, you know the expression "Prom is the most important event of your life"? [...] Well, now you do! You wanna be president, Joan? Then you'd better go to prom 'cause they all sure did! note 
  • Shout-Out
  • Skyward Scream: Courtesy of Gandhi when it becomes apparent that he'll be attending the prom...
  • Tempting Fate: As Mr. B points out, Scudworth probably shouldn't be making a documentary about his top-secret plans for the clones. Indeed, it winds up in the hands of the Board of Shadowy Figures, who set out to seal the clones away from him and kill him.
  • To Be Continued: The episode ends with several cliffhangers, all of which are resolved within the first five minutes of the next episode.
  • Two Words: I Can't Count: Courtesy of Abe, who tells Cleo his thoughts on the other promposals to keep her occupied as he plans his.
    Abe: Two words: bo-ring!
    [Aside Glance from Cleo]
  • Unnecessary Makeover: All of them.

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