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Recap / Classics Dark and Dangerous

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Episode information:

  • 20 Jan 1977 - "Silver Blaze"
    Sherlock Holmes (Christopher Plummer), along with Dr. Watson (Thorley Walters), investigates the disappearance of a famous racehorse and the murder of their trainer.

  • 27 Jan 1977 - "The Rocking Horse Winner"
    A young boy, Paul, has a good eye for picking winning race horses. With the help of his uncle Oscar (Kenneth More), the boy places bets to escape from bankruptcy while fighting off a deadly illness.

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  • 3 Feb 1977 - "The Island"
    A young English officer (John Hurt) in World War I returns to a secluded mansion in order to continue an illicit affair.

  • 10 Feb 1977 - "Mrs Amworth"
    The titular Mrs Amworth (Glynis Johns) is a newcomer to the small town and the only one working to keep morale up. The village has been plagued by an epidemic similar to anemia, spread through the bites of some sort of animal.

  • 17 Feb 1977 - "The Ugly Little Boy"
    Edyth Fellowes (Kate Reid) is charged with taking care of a neanderthal child (Guy Big), the titular ugly little boy. A story about the way love can capture a scientist's heart in ways pure beauty cannot.

  • 24 Feb 1977 - "The Mannikin"
    A Young man and woman are living in an isolated chateau, when the woman begins to suffer mysterious attacks.

  • Three Dangerous Ladies
    An Anthology Film made from three episodes; "Mrs. Amworth", "The Mannikin", and "The Island". Added for the film is the role of a Narrator, who introduces each segment.


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