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Recap / Chuck's Choice

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  1. "Cool Hand Norm"/"Sunny Daze"
  2. "Show Me the Buddy"/"No Sleep Till"
  3. "The Dentalist"/"Maid in Cedar Hills"
  4. "Pig Hero Fix"/"So Wrong It's Right"
  5. "Grown-Up Chuck"/"Chuck Dynasty"
  6. "Poultry in Motion"/"Les Disherables"
  7. "Smarten Up Chuck"/"Ultimate Chuck"
  8. "Chuck of the Draw"/"Paw Enforcement"
  9. "Abraham Stinkin'"/"Box o' Norm"
  10. "Back Off, Borkle"/"Who's on Cursed?"
  11. "Ex Mishina"/"Veggie Tails"
  12. "No Pain, No Dwayne"/"Shell Raisers"
  13. "Comet and Get It"/"How to Restrain Your Dragon"
  14. "Action Jacket-son"/"Spirit of the Ce(dar)son"
  15. "We've Got Spirit"/"Cedar Hills' Most Wanted"
  16. "The Dark Dingo and Possum Pete"/"Flush Hour Two"
  17. "Bawk to the Future"/"Hairy Christmas"
  18. "In Space, Norman Can Hear You Scream"/"Area Fifty-Tree"
  19. "Joey in Da House!"/"Art Attack"
  20. "The Good, the Bad and the UD"


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