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Recap / Charmed 2018 S 1 E 16 Memento Mori

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Charity keeps erasing Macy's memories to cover up her crimes.

Tropes in this episode:

  • Amnesia Loop: Happens to Macy as she keeps uncovering Charity's secret.
  • Boss Arena Idiocy: Where does Charity decide to hold Macy prisoner? In the Vortex Viribus, the one place where the Charmed Ones can become powerful enough to defeat her! She even shows Macy how to use it.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Macy's newfound ability to resist the pain from burns comes in handy here.
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  • Note to Self: Macy burns her arm with candles right before Charity wipes her memories so she'll realize something's up.
  • Trapped in Villainy: Charity gets rescued by Alistair and goes off with him, realizing he's now her only chance of staying out of Tartarus.
  • Wham Episode: It is revealed that Charity is the one who killed Marisol and the other Elders (to cover up the first murder). It's also revealed that the temple under the Vera manor is for her sister Fiona's use. At the end, Charity is stripped of her powers and is about to be imprisoned in Tartarus, but Alastair kills the guards and saves her.

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