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Recap / Castlevania 2017 S 2 E 6 The River

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Carmilla finally puts her plan into action. Hector has the Bishop's reanimated corpse bless the river the castle appeared in the middle of, causing the demon-tainted corpse to slowly burn in the now holy water. Dracula's forces are surprised to see Carmilla's on the shore as they march out to take the city, but even more surprised when they take out the bridges, dumping them into the water, destroying them instantly.


Meanwhile, Trevor fights off the demonspawn, as Alucard tries to use the mirror to locate the freshly teleported castle, and Sypha finishes the spell.

Just as Carmilla's forces enter Castlevania, Alucard finds it and Sypha's able to hijack its travel mechanism, causing it to materialize onto the Belmont estate. The trio cheer as, back in Braila, Carmilla looks on in confusion before quietly slipping away with Hector in tow.


Tropes for this episode include:

  • Came Back Strong: One of the Demonspawn is the Bald Priest from season 1 who Trevor directly or indirectly cut the eyes out of. His body is seen amongst the corpses that Carmilla orders to be deployed and his demon form has bandages over its useless eyes. While he was one of the stronger priests that Trevor fought, as a demon he's far faster and more powerful than he was as a human, he even has a magical staff.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Carmilla's coup is undone when Dracula's castle just disappears (along with a large chunk of her forces).
  • Hoist by Their Own Petard: When Castlevania disappears, the holy water in the river ends up sploshing Carmilla's troops. It then floods the front hall, taking out what little foothold she had inside.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: With Sypha devising a spell to trap Castlevania in place and Alucard using the distance mirror to locate it, Trevor takes up the task of keeping the Night Beasts from getting into the Belmont Hold. He actually manages to kill all of them with the Morning Star Whip, Leon Belmont's Sword, and a spear he took from one of the demons.

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