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Recap / Castlevania 2017 S 1 E 3 Labyrinth

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Trevor makes his way into the catacombs of Gresit. Inside, he sees strange torches that could light themselves and several petrified bodies, one of which was still intact: the Elder's grandchild. He also discovers the source of the petrifications: a cyclops, who tries to kill Trevor with its petrifying gaze. Trevor manages to slay the cyclops, dispelling its curse in doing so: the bodies that had been petrified return to flesh, including that of Sypha Belnades, the Elder's granddaughter.


Back at the Speakers' dwelling, Sypha explains that she was searching for the sleeping soldier. Trevor, however, claims that the sleeping soldier is nothing but an old myth, one that the church had used to lure Speakers to their demise at the hands of a cyclops. Sypha is determined that the soldier exists, but Trevor dismisses her beliefs, explaining that the interior of the cyclops's lair had arcane technology exactly like that of the interior of Dracula's castle, a fact he knew from the written records of his ancestors.

Trevor leaves the dwelling, and is confronted by priests, who tell Trevor that the bishop has requested his audience. Trevor reluctantly obliges the priests. The bishop, who was present at (and personally responsible for) the execution of the "witch" a year prior and now ruled over Gresit, warns Trevor that his church will destroy the Speakers, and that if he wishes to live, he would leave by nightfall. In exchange, he would have the Belmonts' excommunication lifted.


Trevor, however, rejects the bishop's "generosity" as he plans to use the deteriorating situation in Wallachia to rule over the country. He returns to the Speakers' dwelling and warns them of the bishop's plot. The Speakers, against Trevor's warnings, decide to stay, the Speaker believing the people were turned against them by the church.

As the sun sets, an angry mob descends upon the Speakers' dwelling. Only Trevor emerges from within, however: the Speakers had been escorted to the catacombs beforehand, with Trevor, inspired by the Elder and Sypha's words, determined to make the people see reason, his resolve to fight evil in all of its forms, from the corrupt church to Dracula, renewed. He fights his way through the city, dispatching the church's assassins along the way, as the setting sun beckons Dracula's legion to descend upon the city...


Tropes for this episode include:

  • Clarke's Third Law: Trevor refers to the electrically powered lighting in the catacombs as "torches that light by themselves." Take note that in real life, the light bulb was invented in 1879 while the series is set in the 1470's.
  • Cyclops: The catacombs is guarded by a cyclops left there by Dracula. It fires a beam that turns people to stone and was able to take a sword to the chest, not dying (and freeing everyone that it froze) until it is speared through the eye by Trevor’s short-sword.
  • Morton's Fork: The Bishop's plan essentially leaves the Speakers with two options: either they are killed by the demons during the night, or if they survive the next day, they are to be tortured and killed by the Church and the townsfolk for alledgedly causing the demon’s rampage. That is if they don’t leave (which is something they refuse to do).
  • Samus Is a Girl: The Speakers always speak of their missing member by gender neutral terms, covering up the fact that the Elder's grandchild is a granddaughter, not a grandson. When Sypha is revived, Trevor remarks that the Speakers typically dress their girls like the boys, which Sypha says makes it safer while traveling.

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