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Recap / Cartoon Monsoon

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    Season 1 (2003) 
  • 1. Oh, Shoot!: A trio of kids make home movies together, most of which are parodies of others. Things inevitably go wrong, resulting in frequent injuries for Martin, the aspiring director of the group.
  • 2. Slim Chance: Intergalactic Zoologist: In his attempts at creating an intergalactic nature show, Slim Chance is frequently killed by the flora and fauna he studies. His partner Grubby constantly clones him to keep the show going.
  • 3. Go Go Moba Boy: An anime parody series in which Motoro Ishi uses his celestial cellphones to be the superhero known as Go Go Moba Boy. He's accompanied by his sister Roxinaou and loony fan Ducky. The villain is Destructo Man, who is actually the vain CEO of Strack Co., the company Motoro's father works for.
  • 4. Undercover Dog: Armond Fadolian, accountant, gives witness testimony in court and sends a mafia boss to jail. As a result, he is put into the Witness Protection Program, and is forced to pretend to be a family dog.
  • 5. Zatanna: The adventures of a teenage version of the DC comics heroine.
  • 6. That's My Boys: A family consisting of a dad, his two sons, and grandma, get very overly competitive with each other during an extreme game of hopscotch.
  • 7. The Stump: A nerdy alien boy named Lyle Munchak who was previously bullied and nicknamed "The Stump" goes to a new school, where to his surprise, it turns out that being nerdy is considered cool.
  • 8. Gorilla Girl: Jenny Silverback is the daughter of a British zoologist and a gorilla, who live in the jungle together. Her Berserk Button is pushed if she is ever referred to as a girl and not a gorilla.
  • 9. Very Bad Children: The creepy adventures of a trio of evil children living with their dementia-riddled grandmother who regularly attempt to kill any nanny that tries to help and/or discipline them.
  • 10. Fred Again: Fred is a husband and father with an odd medical condition that causes him to transform into random animals whenever he gets stressed out or scared.

    Season 2 (2004) 
  • 1. The Hiros: A duo of teenage siblings, Razo and Pearl, who fight crime and foil the plans of an evil power plant CEO.
  • 2. Edgar and the Voyagers: Edgar, the son of a wealthy inventor couple, searches for his parents, after they disappeared on his thirteenth birthday. He has the help of their former partner Cletus, and an army of Russian commandos, known as the Voyagers.
  • 3. Keepin' Up with the Joneses: The parents are superheroes, and their two oldest kids are secret agents. They two duos work together to fight crime, without knowing each other's real identity. The youngest in the family knows both secrets, and regularly blackmails them to get his way.
  • 4. Creepwood: A trio of junior high students fight zombies.
  • 5. Food Chain: Taking place in prehistoric times, a green frog-like creature named Frogley attempts to help a pink mouse-like creature named Mammal learn about how to survive, which regularly ends badly for the amphibian. Luckily, he can regenerate from any injury.
  • 6. Boogies: A trio of boogeymen, who are a part of a fireman-like brigade of monsters, attempt to stop the Sandman from keeping children awake.
  • 7. Superhero Intern: Tyler is an intern at the International Hero League, and wants to do everything he can to help despite having no powers.
  • 8. Kubo Punko: A Power Rangers parody series about a group of five kids who use magic keychains to transform into a robot superhero team and protect their city from giant monsters.
  • 9. The Jackalope Boyz: Three Jackalope brothers travel the world in search of rare artifacts in order to keep the doors open at the (secretly corrupt) museum they work for.