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Recap / Card Captor Sakura Sakura And The Panicky Bicycle

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Spoiler Warning: This recap contains plot details that give away the series' story arc.

Late on a Sunday afternoon Sakura is sweeping the autumn leaves off the lawn but her sleepiness makes difficult for her to maintain a rhythm, when Eriol arrives and offers to assist her. She is hesitant, believing she'd be keeping him from his own chores, but he reassures her that it'll be all right.

During the tidy-up Eriol offers to move Touya's bike out of the way for a moment, during which he applies an enchantment to it. Shortly after putting it back Fujitaka steps out to let Sakura know dinner's almost ready, whereupon she introduces the two. When Fujitaka thanks him for volunteering his assistance Sakura suggests he should stay for dinner, though short notice her father makes no objections but Eriol politely declines.


That evening, over dinner, Fujitaka double-checks with Sakura that Eriol is in her class and, therefore, in her age bracket. He notes that he behaves very maturely for his age, leading Sakura to affirm this and list off those virtues she's seen in him. Just about then Touya pops in, to their confusion on account that his latest job would've kept him out that evening. He explains he's only there to pick-up something. A brief glance out the window at his bike causes Touya to detect something unnatural about it, prompting him to ask Sakura if she had touched it. After a pause she remembers it had to be moved for a moment during her earlier chores. Touya tells her not to try and ride it, which is a puzzling instruction to her as it's too big for her to use. He then leaves after pinching the last of her fried shrimp.


Later on Fujitaka departs for his work and Sakura returns to her room where Kero pesters her for dessert, which she has remembered. As he digs in she falls onto her bed, concerned about her constant weariness that comes from transforming and subsequently using her cards. After a moment she goes to check on them where the Sakura Cards fly up and orbit her in acknowledgement of her mastery over them, but the Clow Cards remain in the book. She notices that they do not seem as warm and alive as she remembers, prompting Kero to get his own diagnosis and subsequently informs her that, without access to her own magic, the Clow Cards cannot be readily sustained and, if left like this, they'll just be another tarot deck. The prospect of their effectively dying does not bode well for Sakura and, once Kero points out the Sakura Cards do not have this problem, she summons her Star Staff and announces her intent to transform all of the cards. Before Kero can object she begins the incantation and eight cards fly up in readiness.


Sweet, Lock, Libra, Sand, Voice, Change, Wave... all are successfully transformed but the effort involved has left Sakura severely dizzy. After giving her a piece of his mind for this Kero notes her achievement until they notice that the eighth card, Dash, is shimmering unsteadily. Sakura identifies it in puzzlement as to this phenomenon, whereupon it manifests and raises its hackles at her. It becomes attracted to the enchantment upon Touya's bike and possesses it, doing a runner on its mistress.

As they pursue, Sakura wonders why it's acting up, leading to Kero explaining that it was invoked without anything to be invoked on, causing it to panic. In an effort to catch the bike Sakura transforms the Windy but Dash is going too fast at this time. To Kero's astonishment Sakura now gets her mobile phone out to let Tomoyo and Li know what's going on but Tomoyo's phone goes into voicemail and Li seems to have trouble understanding what she's telling him, however he recognises the distress in her voice and agrees to join her near the public library. Kero now chides her for this in that they've lost track of the bike, prompting her to summon the Jump card so as to cover a greater distance and catch sight of it. Having done so she pursues it to the library and attempts to catch it after it dashes up the wall, but the Jump card can't let her leap sufficiently and, having just arrived, Li has to perform his wind enchantment to break her fall.

For all his condescending Kero approves of Li's prompt arrival and now Li can identify what they're dealing with. He tries a number of times to take it down with his lightning enchantment but Sakura notices that this is really upsetting Dash and stops him from trying any more. She figures that she'll have to try and calm the card down but its instincts prevent her from getting close. Considering that they'd have to cut off any escape route it could find Sakura deduces what she must do, but it means transforming a tenth card, the Loop. Despite Kero's worries as to the effect of transforming ten cards in one day would have on her Sakura does so and curls the local space-time so no matter which way Dash goes it'll end up going towards her. Eventually Dash leaves the bike and makes a leap for it, giving Sakura the opportunity to pin it down with the Windy card with a warning that resistance could cause an injury. Once it's deposited in her arms she cuddles it and speaks reassuringly, issuing an apology for her reckless behaviour. Once it settles down she asks it to return to card form.

With this escapade wrapped up Sakura thanks Kero and Li for their assistance but passes out from exhaustion, nearly flattening Kero until Li lifts her up a bit, letting him get loose. Suddenly a horrified scream announces Tomoyo's arrival, who's appalled that everything was wrapped up while she was bathing but, not one to let any opportunity slip up, she decides to film Sakura while she sleeps but has to replace her camera's battery almost immediately.

This episode contains examples of:

  • All Animals Are Dogs: The Dash's physical form, after calmed by Sakura, licks her gently and settles in her arms.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Syaoran arrives on the scene just in time to save Sakura from falling to her death.
  • Heroic RRoD: Sakura works herself into one trying desperately to convert as many of the Clow Cards into Sakura ones as possible. This causes disastrous complications for The Dash card.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Dash ends up panicking because Sakura was trying to save it and the other cards from losing their magic and turning into ordinary cards.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Sakura when Dash panics and runs off with Toya's bike.
    • Dash itself when the Loop card catches it, until Windy deposits Dash into Sakura's arms.
  • Pet the Dog: Toya warns Sakura not to ride his bike, which confuses her because it's too small for it.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: Sakura tries to change all of her cards at once, so that they run out of magic. It doesn't work for two reasons: she doesn't have have enough energy to do so, and changing the cards without using them sends them into a panic.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Kero's expression blatantly reads this over as Sakura goes on a mad dash to change the cards .

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