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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 5 E 5 Dark Laughter Part 2

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Continued from Part 1

When we last left off, the group was heading through the fun house a third time. Hobbes uncharacteristically pulls out a mirror from the hypercube and actually manages to be scary for once. Oddly enough, the mirrors are normal, and there are no mannequins. While going up the staircase, there's an odd creaking noise... and Hobbes, for once, is in the middle of the group. There's no one there.


When they get to the last room, however, the shadow girl is there! A scan reveals it's a poltergeist - a ghost that feeds off fear and becomes more powerful with each run through. The group resolves to be brave for their fourth and final run through.

The mirrors now play Creepy Circus Music, and they can hear a little girl's laughter. The mannequins, however, have become torn, and there's a new clown mannequin with a creepy grin. While Calvin attempts to rid of it, it grabs him by the collar! Then the little girl's voice rings out - "Will you play with me?" Evading it, Andy discovers the door to the final room is stuck. Calvin blasts it open, and they find the room trashed, the poltergeist girl scratching the walls.

Their attempts to evade it end up attracting its attention, and it soon turns demonic. Fortunately, the MTM says they can leave now, and they shortly do.


The next day, Calvin informs Moe of his exploits, and challenges him to do the same. He does so with his gang, though apparently it didn't turn out that well for them.



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