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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 1 TVM 1 Calvins Batman Adventure

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"Calvin and Hobbes go into a Batman comic and fight crime as Batboy and Battiger."

Calvin forces Hobbes into the Book Transporter, an invention that allows one to travel into literature. He travels into a 1992 Batman comic (he refuses to go into a newer one, believing it stopped being good when they changed Robin) and dresses himself and Hobbes up in Batman's uniform. They have a run-in with some thugs, which they end up defeating. The duo then find out, via a newspaper, that Gotham's crime is rising, and many of you-know-who's enemies are behind it. Calvin then briefly sights Batman, and the duo rush to find him... only to find Two-Face and his thugs.


Hobbes rushes off, so Calvin attempts to take him on when Batman and Robin themselves burst in! Robin attacks the thugs with ease, much to Calvin's ire. Afterwards, Two-Face escapes, and the dynamic duo rip off the comical duo's cowls, exposing them. Calvin manages to get their attention by revealing his knowledge of their secret identities. This leads to the dynamic duo eventually relenting and training them.

Unsurprisingly, Calvin screws up magnificently, but the real test comes when Killer Croc arrives and KO's the dynamic duo. Calvin is left to fend for himself, Hobbes having run off again, and his Plan B is running away. Fortunately, Hobbes drops down from nowhere and stalls him long enough for Calvin to spray him with "Lizard-Be-Gone".

After being shown the Batcave, Calvin decides to prove his worth to Batman and stop every criminal on the lose one by one, starting with The Joker. He finds out the bad guys' location from Two-Face via time travel, and he decides to confront The Riddler first... at the mini-golf course.


He leads them into a trap, which Calvin simply rushes through with the Time Pauser. When he finally confronts him, Calvin stalls before eventually using the Transmogrifier Gun to fuse his hands and feet together and turning him to the police.

Next, he faces The Joker, whose minions are easily transmogrified, and he's easily beaten. Next, the two face Clock King, who falls prey to Hobbes. He appears to perform a Heroic Sacrifice, and Calvin dramatically monologues over his body... before he shows up again with ice cream, revealing the sacrificed one to be Socrates.

After a montage of getting some other villains, Calvin and Hobbes finally leave the comic. Then Calvin gets out a Superman comic...




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