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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 1 E 25 Gasping For Air

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Calvin's dad is going through his mid-life crisis, attempting a number of different tactics to avoid it that fail badly. Unsurprisingly, Calvin and Hobbes don't care. However, Calvin leaves the TV on one night, and his father happens to notice a news report about a new hiking trail nearby...


The next day, Dad drags Calvin and Hobbes along with him to hike up the mountain, ignoring the ticket guy's pleads. The duo tire quickly, while Dad just keeps on walking, eventually outpacing them by quite a while. Unfortunately, this leaves Calvin stranded near a very steep cliff, and after quite a bit of walking they just scream.

At this point, however, Dad attempts to reach out near a cliff to see a eagle's nest, and ends up slipping. After Calvin uses the MTM in order to find Dad, they freak out upon realizing he's headed straight for an area with several pointy runs! Calvin hatches a plan by pushing Hobbes off a cliff and then using the box to rescuing him (because Hobbes wouldn't have gone in the box otherwise, plus the Rule of Cool).

After some more strife between the duo, they find Dad in a Literal Cliffhanger, slowly getting him up onto the cliff, and (after some coercion) he apologizes for getting them into the whole mess. After the drive home, Calvin and Hobbes relax, dreading the impending bike ride.




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