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Recap / Burn Notice

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Season 1

Michael is burned and spends his time trying to find out who burned him and why. In the mean time, he takes on a number of local clients just to survive. Michael is helped by his old friend, ex-Navy SEAL Sam Axe and his ex-girlfriend, former IRA terrorist and gun-runner Fiona Glenanne. Also on the roster are Michael's mother and younger brother.

  1. Pilot
  2. Identity
  3. Fight or Flight
  4. Old Friends
  5. Family Business
  6. Unpaid Debts
  7. Broken Rules
  8. Wanted Man
  9. Hard Bargain
  10. False Flag
  11. Dead Drop (Part 1 of 2)
  12. Loose Ends (Part 2 of 2)

Season 2

Michael is now in communication with the people who burned him and working jobs for his handler Carla while trying to stay one step ahead of them with the big picture. He meets a fellow burned spy named Victor who sheds some light on who they are and why he was ultimately burned.

  1. Breaking and Entering
  2. Turn and Burn
  3. Trust Me
  4. Comrades
  5. Scatter Point
  6. Bad Blood
  7. Rough Seas
  8. Double Booked
  9. Good Soldier
  10. Do No Harm
  11. Hot Spot
  12. Seek and Destroy
  13. Bad Breaks
  14. Truth & Reconciliation
  15. Sins of Omission
  16. Lesser Evil

Season 3

Michael is out from under the thumb of the organization that burned him, but he's still burned and no longer has the benefits of their resources keeping him hidden from old enemies looking to settle some scores. Michael figures his best shot is to get back in with the CIA, though this leads to him working with a series of very dangerous and unpredictable people like Strickler, Gilroy and Simon.

  1. Friends and Family
  2. Question and Answer
  3. End Run
  4. Fearless Leader
  5. Signals and Codes
  6. The Hunter
  7. Shot in the Dark
  8. Friends Like These
  9. Long Way Back
  10. A Dark Road
  11. Friendly Fire
  12. Noble Causes
  13. Enemies Closer
  14. Partners in Crime
  15. Good Intentions
  16. Devil You Know

Season 4

Michael is once again working with the people who burned him, this time he is given leeway by "higher-up" leader Vaughn to hunt a common enemy connected with Simon's actions in the finale. This common enemy ends up being the lynch pin of a NOC list that could undermine the entire organization. His investigation ends up compromising the classified data of a counter-intelligence agent named Jesse Porter, who ended up being burned and Michael recruits as part of team Westen but hides his real motivations.

  1. Friends and Enemies
  2. Fast Friends
  3. Made Man
  4. Breach of Faith
  5. Neighborhood Watch
  6. Entry Point
  7. Past & Future Tense
  8. Where There's Smoke
  9. Center of the Storm
  10. Hard Time
  11. Blind Spot
  12. Guilty as Charged
  13. Eyes Open
  14. Hot Property
  15. Brotherly Love
  16. Dead or Alive
  17. Out of the Fire
  18. Last Stand

Prequel:The Fall of Sam Axe

The story of how Sam Axe left the Navy. We learn a few details of his history, and his shared history with Michael. We also get to see what a fit Bruce Campbell looks like in Navy whites.

  1. Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe

Season 5

Michael's back in with the CIA and he's managed to pick apart the organization that burned him, only he's not convinced the fight is over. Is he paranoid, or is he right? The answer leads him to Anson.

  1. Company Man
  2. Bloodlines
  3. Mind Games
  4. No Good Deed
  5. Square One
  6. Enemy of My Enemy
  7. Besieged
  8. Hard Out
  9. Eye For an Eye
  10. Army of One
  11. Better Halves
  12. Dead to Rights
  13. Damned If You Do
  14. Breaking Point
  15. Necessary Evil
  16. Depth Perception
  17. Acceptable Loss
  18. Fail Safe

Season 6

Anson is at large while Fiona took the blame for a bombing and is placed in prison. Michael has to jump through CIA hoops, including contacting his old CIA trainer Tom Card, in order to get any sort of leverage to help her while she has to fend off fellow inmates and attacks on her life from outside conspirators. Just as things start to go there way a new party gets involved that sends massive ramifications across the characters.

  1. Scorched Earth
  2. Mixed Messages
  3. Last Rites
  4. Under The Gun
  5. Split Decision
  6. Shockwave
  7. Reunion
  8. Unchained
  9. Official Business
  10. Desperate Times
  11. Desperate Measures
  12. Means and Ends
  13. Over the Line
  14. Down and Out
  15. Best Laid Plans
  16. Odd Man Out
  17. You Can Run
  18. Game Change

Season 7

Michael is given an ultimatum by the CIA: work with them to bring down a dangerous and elusive terrorist network, or his friends and family would spend the rest of their days in prison. Michael eventually goes deep undercover for the network, lead by a man named James Kendrick. Deep undercover work always carries the danger of an operative slowly becoming that which they pretend to be, but will the revelations that Michael learns about the organization that burned him push him over the edge?

  1. New Deal
  2. Forget Me Not
  3. Down Range
  4. Brother In Arms
  5. Exit Plan
  6. All or Nothing
  7. Psychological Warfare
  8. Nature of the Beast
  9. Bitter Pill
  10. Things Unseen
  11. Tipping Point
  12. Sea Change
  13. Reckoning


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