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Recap / Bull S 5 E 5 Fallen Idols

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Season 5, Episode 5

Directed by Kevin Berlandi
Written by Steven Paul Martinez

Fallen Idols

TAC defends Rey Lucas (Liam Wright), a prominent religious leader with a large following who is accused of killing his wife, Olivia. The pastor's credibility is challenged when it's revealed he had a secret gay lover, which he kept hidden from his parishioners as well as thousands of readers who bought his book about marital success. The pastor insists Olivia knew about his sexuality, and in fact she had a lesbian lover, but they stayed married for their mutual benefit. The case is further complicated when the wife's lover testifies that she was pressuring Olivia to end her marriage. A later revelation that the pastor's wife handled finances for the church points to another motive and another suspect.
  • The Beard: It turns out that the pastor and his wife were each other's.
  • Hypocrite: The pastor, who not only preached for a religion that advocates heterosexuality, but also wrote a profitable book on marriages, while secretly engaging in same-sex affairs.
  • Marriage of Convenience: Due to their status, the pastor and his wife remained married despite both of them having same-sex lovers.
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  • My Greatest Second Chance: In the end, after being declared innocent but his secrets revealed, the pastor decides to form a new church that promotes inclusivity.
  • Red Herring: All of the scandal of affairs and homosexuality becomes this, with the revelation that someone had been stealing thousands of dollars from the collection plate and killed Olivia just to keep her quiet.
  • Secret Relationship: Both the pastor and his wife had affairs they hid from their clergy, though not from each other.

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