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Recap / Bull S 5 E 4 The Ex Factor

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Season 5, Episode 4

Directed by Dan Lerner
Written by Marissa Matteo & Glenn Gordon Caron

The Ex Factor

Marissa is awaken early in the morning by FBI agents and hauled downtown, where she sees her estranged husband, Greg. Agents state that Douglas Scott, who owns a third of Greg's restaurant, is a drug dealer that has been laundering money through the establishment. They accuse Marissa and Greg, who still co-own the other two-thirds, of being complicit. Greg tells Marissa that he knew something smelled, but he chose to look the other way because it meant he could keep the restaurant open. TAC represents both Marissa and Greg, but on the day of Marissa's testimony, Bull advises her to be completely honest, even if it hurts Greg. Marissa does imply on the stand that Greg knew Scott's money could have been dirty. Greg then flees the court before his turn to take the stand. The next day, the federal prosecutor tells the judge they have accepted a plea: Greg will serve a reduced sentence of no more than 36 months in exchange for having the charges against Marissa dropped and cooperating in the case against Scott. On the courthouse steps, Marissa thanks Greg and invites him to Christmas dinner. Meanwhile, Bull is conflicted over giving Izzy an engagement ring for Christmas, wary following her two failed marriages, including the first one to him. Two days before Christmas, Izzy gives Bull an engagement ring and pops the question.
  • Accomplice by Inaction: Marissa and Greg never handled drugs or intentionally laundered money, but Greg was at least somewhat aware of Douglas' dirty actions and never reported it because it could cost him the restaurant.

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