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Recap / Bull S 5 E 3 Prison Break

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Season 5, Episode 3

Directed by Eric Stoltz
Written by Kathryn Price & Nichole Millard.

Prison Break

Bull assists Chunk as he represents a woman, Ronnie, accused of killing a guard while trying to escape during a prison transport. Chunk argues that she is being falsely accused by a guard who attempted to sexually assault her during the transport.
  • The Alibi: The opening part of the case is mainly a "he said, she said" situation, with the word of a loyal guard that is actually a Dirty Cop versus the word of an escaped convict who may have been raped and wasn't prone to violence even before her arrest.
  • Dirty Cop: The surviving guard claims no responsibility for his accidental murder, instead lying that Ronnie intentionally killed his partner. Additionally, both guards may have used their position of power to instigate sexual abuse, which is proven true when semen is found in a decommissioned transport vehicle.
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  • Felony Misdemeanor: Ronnie had gone to jail for armed robbery, despite having never held a gun, because she was the driver accomplice for a gun-wielding robber. Furthermore, said partner got out of jail before she did.
  • Frame-Up: When Bull and Chunk get the case, it's reported that Ronnie shot a guard while escaping a transport, and while it sounds against her nature, they're not certain she didn't. The Dramatic Irony is that the very first scene of the episode is the guard's partner shooting him by accident, which there is no evidence of when the escape is reported.
  • Ill Girl: Ronnie has cancer, and was being transported to her last chemotherapy session when she escaped.
  • Never My Fault: The very first scene of the episode is one of the guards transporting Ronnie accidentally shooting the other guard, mixing them up in the tall reeds she escaped through. When Chunk and Bull get the news, he's reporting that Ronnie stole a gun and shot his partner during the escape.
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  • Nice Guy: The juror that Marissa went to school with turns out to be an incredibly pleasant man, admitting he would be biased towards TAC because he'd always known Marissa to be honest, and even leaving a pleasant letter on her work desk after the case is finished, recounting fond memories together and stating that her husband is a lucky man.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Ronnie claims that sexual abuse from the two guards is why she escaped, despite being transported to life-saving medical care and only being six months to her parole date after patiently waiting years. She's telling the truth.
  • What You Are in the Dark: One of Marissa's former high school classmates, who she had a crush on, ends up being the last person selected for the jury. When said juror reaches out to her through a phone app for alumni, it raises an ethical issue, especially since the only other juror they could have picked would have been bad for their strategy. TAC ends up informing the judge and juror of Marissa's current employment, leading to the juror taken out to avoid bias.

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