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Recap / Bull S 4 E 9 The Flying Carpet

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Season 4, Episode 9

Directed by Anne Hamilton
Written by Chamblee Smith

The Flying Carpet

A teenager, encouraged by his friends, climbs to the roof of The Flying Carpet pizzeria to take a selfie with a giant concrete pizza slice, only to have the concrete give way, causing the boy to fall to the sidewalk beneath. The now-paralyzed boy's family sues the restaurant owners, who subsequently ask their liability insurance company to settle. TAC represents the insurance company after it becomes clear the boy jumped a locked fence and ignored no trespassing signs before making his climb. The plaintiff argues that the restaurant was holding a weekly contest for patrons to take a selfie with the restaurant prominently featured, and they encouraged unique and original photos. Before the case is final, the insurance company pulls out, declaring the policy null and void due to a technicality and leaving the mom-and-pop owners liable for damages. Bull finds a way to pressure the insurance rep into settling with the boy's family while protecting the restaurant owners.

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