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Recap / Bull S 2 E 18 Bad Medicine

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Season 2, Episode 18

Directed by Bethany Rooney

Written by Erica Peterson, Sarah H Haught, Marissa Matteo, & H Park

Bad Medicine

A Virginia doctor is caught with a large quantity of CBD oil, an extract of cannabis used to treat nausea and pain caused by some illnesses. Though she purchased it legally in New York, it is illegal in her home state. The doctor's mother begs Benny for his help. Benny and Bull go to meet with the District Attorney, but are surprised to find the case has been taken over by a zealous Federal prosecutor (Dana Delany). The defense learns that the doctor initially obtained the oil for her son, who has Leukemia. After seeing how significantly it helped him, the doctor made it available for some of her other suffering patients. As Bull and his team prepare for this new development, the prosecutor leaks information to Child Protective Services that leads to the son being forcibly hospitalized. The son's new doctor concludes that CBD was the best available treatment, and Bull gets him to testify to this in court. Bull then has Benny craft a unique closing argument based on the concepts of personal opinions, conflicting state laws, and how each juror's opinion matters.



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