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Recap / Brooklyn Nine Nine S 4 E 15 The Last Ride

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The Last Ride is the fifteenth episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's fourth season.

After Lieutenant Hopkins' negative audit of the Nine-Nine, the crew are awaiting the final decision as to whether they or the 74th Precinct will get the final axe.

In a desperate bid for a last-minute reprieve, Jake and Boyle volunteer to go on the one reported case available to the precinct: the theft of a kid's bicycle. As this is potentially the last time the two of them might be working a case together, they decide to check things off their case work bucket list (sliding over the car hood, back-to-back gun poses, etc.).


Back at the precinct, Terry struggles to try to finish enough cases to set the precinct record for number of cases closed, because it turns out Hitchcock is in the lead. Rosa lends a hand in trying to find him open cases to close.

As Holt has revealed to Amy that he in fact had a nine-year plan to mentor her, they try to rush through as much of the plan as possible in the time remaining.

Also, Gina is live-streaming herself playing pranks on the precinct. This mostly consists of her making Amy drink cement.


This episode provides examples of:

  • Back-to-Back Badasses: In combination with Guns Akimbo, referred to as "Bullet Tornado" by Boyle. And Jake, too, obviously, not that he ever called it "Man Sprinkler" or whatever, and definitely not so much that Rosa knew he called it "Man Sprinkler". Jake and Charles are doing the stock pose/stock action after the raid has been completed and all the perps are handcuffed and ESU can only stare at them.
  • Being Good Sucks: Jake and Charles end up stumbling onto a huge drug case that could save the Nine-Nine, but in the process of performing recon on a high-level supplier, they learn that the kingpin of the entire drug ring will be arriving, allowing them to potentially topple the entire organization. The only issue is that the kingpin won't arrive until after the decision to close the Nine-Nine has been finalized. Jake and Charles realize that they'll have to forgo saving the Nine-Nine and do their jobs instead.
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  • I Drank WHAT?!: Most of Gina's pranks consist of tricking the others into drinking cement. Scully, for whatever reason, finds it tasty and keeps asking for more.
  • Innocent Innuendo: In a truly hilarious role reversal, Jake calls his idea of him and Charles standing back-to-back while shooting their guns the lame and vaguely sexual-sounding "Man Sprinkler" while Boyle comes up with the badass-sounding "Bullet Tornado." Unlike Charles, however, Jake immediately realizes that Charles's name is way better and vehemently denies ever calling it the Man Sprinkler.
    • Also in the episode, Charles referrers to the tactical gear as "toys for boys," "adult toys," "male toys" and "playthings."
  • Karmic Jackpot: Related to "Being Good Sucks" above, because Jake and Charles decided to forgo saving the Nine-Nine to instead secure the arrest a big-time Drug Kingpin, Holt gives a Rousing Speech to the detectives, lauding Jake and Charles for their decision to put serving the community above their desire to prevent the precinct from getting shut down. Gina just so happened to be live streaming at that particular moment as part of her prank show, and the video of Holt's speech ends up going viral, leading to a massive groundswell of support for the Nine-Nine, which ends up pressuring the higher-ups to close a different precinct instead. So not only do Jake and Charles secure a massive drug bust, but they also end up saving the Nine-Nine anyway.
  • Lock-and-Load Montage: In preparing for the raid, Jake and Charles load up with as much equipment as they can carry. Unfortunately, as they do their Power Walk, they quickly find that it's all so heavy that they can't even muster the strength to go back to the weapons locker.
    Jake and Charles: [Pathetically] Terry...
  • Looks Like Jesus: The heroin using bike thief. Jake points out that thanks to his crime, he's the savior of the precinct.
    Jake: Thanks for the heroin, Hunky Jesus!
  • Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot: Jake and Boyle go to investigate a stolen bike, which leads them to a bust that brings down half the heroin trade in the city.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: If your last case is going to be finding a kid's bicycle, requisitioning the Mustang with a stripe down the middle and then sliding down the hood of the vehicle when the bike thief is just standing there is doing this in style.
  • Pet the Dog: After years of Amy more or less begging him to be her mentor, Holt reveals that he's been secretly been mentoring her all along.
  • Swapped Roles: Boyle and Peralta have to make the best of their last case. Even if it is just a minor drug case, they're absolutely going back to back with their guns drawn. While Boyle is usually the one with inappropriately sexual names for things, which Peralta chides him for, in this case it's the other way around:
    Jake: You know what I call that?
    Charles: The Bullet Tornado.
    Jake: [at the same time] The Man Sprinkler. Yep, Bullet Tornado.
    Charles: What was yours? I didn't hear it.
    Jake: Same as you. Bullet Tornado. The important thing is we don't have to talk about it anymore 'cause we both said the same excellent name.


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